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Don’t use Contact Form 7 for your WordPress leads

You wouldn’t put cash in the post – so why are you putting your leads in email ? Too many people use Contact Form 7 for their WordPress website. The use of Contact Form 7 is super common. It’s easy, quick, website builders know how to use it quickly and easily. The job of Contact […]

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how to clean your WordPress website from a hack

How to clean your WordPress website from a hack – diy first time accurately – step by step command line

It can be frustrating, costly and a bit scary when your website gets hacked. Most hosting companies will simply ban or disable your WordPress website if it gets hacked. Most quotes are around the USD$250 to clean your website for you – you can do it yourself for free. This is the most accurate way […]

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how to clean your WordPress website from a hack

How to clean your WordPress website from a hack – diy first time accurately

It can be frustrating, costly and a bit scary when your website gets hacked. Most hosting companies will simply ban or disable your WordPress website if it gets hacked. Most quotes are around the USD$250 to clean your website for you – you can do it yourself for free. Here’s a few simple steps, you […]

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Easy WordPress local development

new easy to use WordPress local development manager

I’m looking at building a new, easy to use, local WordPress development manager. The idea is local development (on your Mac or PC) is super fast, and doesn’t risk breaking a live website. If you are making a lot of changes, themes/plugins/a few pages. You download a ‘backup’ from your website. Restore it to local […]

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WordPress bot analysis

WordPress Bot Analysis now available in my free WordPress plugin

My free plugin from now includes a Bot Analysis. Bots , good and bad, take up hosting resources. Most WordPress website owners have no idea how many resources are being eaten by bots. Some WordPress website owners are savvy enough to block the worst of the bots. Even those folk won’t have any idea […]

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tune your database for woocommerce

tuning mysql / mariadb database for WooCommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce can really give mysql or mariadb a pounding. On smaller hosting platforms WooCommerce will grind to a halt. If you have a VPS, here are a few things you can tune, to give you fast database performance. The faster the database goes, the faster WooCommerce goes:   InnoDb cache Assuming of course that you’re […]

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smash your WordPress and WooCommerce hosting with load testing

Smash your WordPress hosting – load test WordPress and WooCommerce with up to 25000 users

I just upgraded my WordPress plugin to support up to 25,000 concurrent user load test, for both WordPress and WooCommerce. It is using a high performance server, with up to 72 cores, using Intel Xeon Platinum processors, and 25 Gbit internet connection. This will totally smash any WordPress hosting server – it will burn the hosting […]

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Added load testing to my free WordPress plugin

Now you can find out how many users your WordPress website can handle. You can try out my plugin ‘wp Hosting Performance Plugin’ here – or searching ‘performance check’ in the add plugins of /wp-admin/ on your site. Often it’s only you surfing your own website when you are testing. Sometimes there might be a bot […]

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Load test your WordPress website hosting

WordPress plugin to load test your website and hosting

Maybe you have a Woo Commerce shopping site and thinking of having a sale. Maybe you just want to know if your hosting is any good. I’ve written a plugin that load tests your WordPress and WooCommerce website for free. You install my plugin choose how many simultaneous users you want tested, 10/50/100/500/1000 (up to […]

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say no to bad bots

Block Bad Bots from slowing down WordPress

Sometimes it’s hard to know why your WordPress website is going slow. And your hosting company says it’s your fault ‘too many plugins’. The truth is shared web hosting is really only able to service very small WordPress sites. Once the WordPress site get a bit larger in terms of posts/pages or the number of […]

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wordpress hosting comparison graphs

WordPress Hosting Comparison released

Now you can compare any of your hosting providers before you switch. This data comes from our plugin – free in , find more details here. You can access the WordPress hosting performance comparison here. If you want to contribute some stats to either a new or existing host, just install our plugin, and starting sending through […]

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wordpress hosting performance check

Update to WordPress hosting performance check

  I am interested in what you think of the updated software and technology levels. Am I too harsh ? do you have software that needs a better rating ? Just updated the plugin that checks your WordPress hosting performance. Click here.  The plug checks your underlying hosting, and gives it a rating. It measures […]

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stop WordPress bot login attempts

Stop WordPress login attempts before they reach php

Everyone that’s run a WordPress site, or runs a VPS, knows the pain of DDoS repeated login attempts stealing all your CPU.  What if you could block the hits before they hit WordPress and php ? Below is some information you can use on either: a border layer 7 tool, like a load balancer a border […]

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faster multithreaded clamscan

Faster multi threaded clamscan for whm and cpanel

I found daily clamscan took longer and longer. Eventually it was taking all weekend, then all week. The default scanning scans 1 domain at a time. My servers have SSD and multi cores – and can easily handle a bunch of clamscans at once. But you don’t want to over tax your server – with […]

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php WordPress performance graph

newly released PHP 7.2 makes WordPress faster

PHP 7.2 was released late last year, and is now recommended by 75% WordPress sites are still using PHP 5.x according to I just thought I’d make a comparison of performance of a few recent versions of PHP. This is a comparison of the WordPress page load speed. This isn’t the whole page loading in the […]

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WordPress locked

WordPress plugin to lockdown a WordPress website so no changes or hacks occur

The Problem I’ve noticed a good percentage of WordPress sites are brochure ware, and rarely have any updated content. Site owners struggle over an extended period to keep their site secure. Keeping WordPress updated, plugins updated, theme updated. Auto updates have helped a lot with this recently. Keeping everything updated doesn’t guarantee you won’t get hacked […]

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How to find hacked WordPress files

Most WordPress hacks contain certain php code. It’s always better to catch the hack as soon as you can. Before customers start to ring, before the hack spreads and causes worse problems. Following is a bash script that you can use to find potential hacked WordPress accounts.   if find /home/ -mtime -1 -type f […]

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An Aussie marketplace for WordPress websites and task help

I’m thinking of creating a marketplace that connects Aussie Business’s with local Aussie web developers to help create/fix/update their WordPress website. I’m a believer in keeping work on-shore. Helping your mate (or someone’s mate). Spending local. Helping fellow Aussies. And in return getting a better result. Overall – I think you end up getting more […]

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How hackers get your passwords and hack your WordPress website

This is an example website request that can hack open your WordPress website in a nano second. The theme used above (mTheme-Unus) has some poor code. And the hacker can send the carefully crafted URL to download your wp-config.php (which contains your passwords). This is why you need to keep your WordPress plugins and themes […]

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wordpress cpanel uptime robot sync

cpanel automated connect WordPress to uptime Robot

Uptime robot is a great tool for managing the availability of client’s websites. But it’s a bit of a drama keeping Uptime Robot up to date if you have more than a hand full of sites. You need to add each site to uptime robot, and click the alerting options and time period. Then old […]

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speed up your NetRegistry hosting by 500% for free

NetRegistry hosting isn’t very fast. But with this little tweak you can get reasonable performance. You can ask support to do it for you, but there is about 5 simple clicks to do it yourself. The defaults at netregistry are not very good. They are old, slow and easily hacked. My test site was taking around […]

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cheri says faast woo commerce hosting leads to more sales

Cheri says a faster Woo Commerce site is leading to more sales

Cherri owns an online store – selling retro clothes – peachy. As she spent more time advertising her store, the site spent more time crashing and going slower. This lead to a halt in online sales growth. Cheri know her eCommerce numbers – and has observed a dramatic uptick in online sales since moving to […]

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fast woocommerce

Case Study – WooCommerce shop optimized by moving to premium wpDone hosting – more customers more sales

I had the pleasure of working with Cheri from Previously her site was on a ‘business plan’ of a Crazy Domains – their cloud solution with 300% more performance … mmmmmm   She was fed up with trying to keep the site working. It was constantly crashing , and causing her customers a lot of […]

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Fast WordPress Websites

I published my book – Fast WordPress Hosting – how to get the most out of your WordPress hosting

It’s 70 pages – so it’s thorough. It does get fairly technical and a bit dry, but I’ve tried to make it a friendly read. It’s available on both kindle and as a pdf download. There is some introductory pricing for June here. This book is aimed at helping you make your WordPress website faster […]

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wordpress disk usage plugin

Great plugin to show your WordPress disk usage

You need this plugin to help manager your WordPress disk usage. There are so many web hosting plans that limit your disk space usage – but generally there are no useful tools to help manage it. The hosting companies are quick to stop your web site for over usage – but they don’t tell you […]

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protect online business from ransomware

How to protect your online business from ransomware

I guess everyone has heard about ‘wanna cry’ ransomware – here is how to protect your business. Ransomware is this lovely virus that get’s in your computer. It encrypts (scrambles) all your documents and data. Then you get a demand to pay money. The people behind the ransomware are so smart, they can’t be caught […]

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A simple plugin to speed up your WordPress website content

We recently developed a plugin – the WordPress web content accelerator – to help WordPress websites load more quickly. The basics of how long a WordPress web page takes to load includes: how fast the base html WordPress page takes to load how fast all the assets on the page load – the images/js/css The […]

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2 seconds page load globally using WordPress website content accelerator

My client had a valuable landing page, and it was loading slow internationally. Slow enough that people let him know – it started at a load time of 12+ seconds. This is largely due to it being https, international, and he has a heavy theme with 94 assets on the page. But just installing my […]

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speed up your WordPress website with a content accelerator

Perhaps your WordPress website is a tad slow. Maybe you’ve been wondering if you are losing client leads from your site being slow. If you aren’t sure of your WordPress website’s speed, head over to our other plugin at wpDone we like to make complex things nice and simple. We’ve created a WordPress plugin […]

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Free Aussie web content accelerator CDN as a WordPress plugin

I’m looking at creating a free WordPress plugin to help you speed up the content on your website. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) can help to speedup the loading of your web page for your customers. The plugin will be free, with unlimited usage , for all Aussies. I’ll make sure it’s super easy to […]

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WordPress development workflow with sync to local

I need some feedback from Web Designers/agencies. How many of you are developing WordPress sites directly on hosting servers ? I find that it can be a slow and painful process, waiting for clicks when developing directly on a hosting server. I think that’s not too bad for new sites, but poor practice to make […]

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Why Aussie’s need to stop using Cloudflare caching

Cloudflare was a great product, and we’ve been using it, and recommending it for a few years now. Alas, we are now recommending against it’s usage. Instead of speeding up website access, Cloudflare is often slower. It seems Cloudflare have made some changes that impact Aussies and Aussie websites. To be fair, it’s not every Aussie, […]

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Stop hackers on your WordPress web site using two factor authentication.

You need to protect your WordPress website from hackers. One way the hackers get in is by password guessing. They are very good at it, and even if they don’t hack your WordPress web site – they steal away performance from real people trying to use your web site. Common mistakes: relying on WordFence plugin. […]

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wpDone Cache keeps your WordPress website running no matter what

Imagine a super librarian with an enormous brain (complete with wire rimmed glasses). The super librarian can remember any page a user reads. Every word, every picture. If another person asks for the same page – the super librarian says ‘no worries, and reads out it from memory’. If they haven’t read that page before, […]

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Announcing your WordPress website support concierge

Does’t everyone just love WordPress website support ? lodging tickets, describing screens, closing browsers, clearing cache, hit reload about 100 times, try a different browser, different PC, a phone, a tablet, reboot your router, restart your PC …. and the site still isn’t working. The Problem What’s even worse if you are an agency, and […]

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you have been hacked

How to protect your online self and bank account from being hacked

The Risk You can be as careful as you like, eventually you’ll click on something you should not have. The scams are getting smarter. You’ll get a request, video, document from someone that you really trust. I received a document a year ago from my lawyer, from his email address, saying that I’m required in […]

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wordpress cron manager

how to solve problems with WordPress repeated redirects to doing_wp_cron

The problem We’ve all seen it, too many pages redirecting to something like You either put up with it, and hope it goes away, or you try disabling plugins 1 by 1. You might even go looking in cpanel or linux for the cronjob responsible. But alas, it’s a WordPress cronjob. What are WordPress cron […]

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My number 1 tip for slow ADSL

The Frustration Here’s my number 1 tip for those folk that work from home (even sometimes). I’m lucky and have NBN. But for those on ADSL still (and waiting) it can be really frustrating. Waiting for stuff to download, and especially any uploading you have to do – it’s either super slow or doesn’t work. […]

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why you should NOT be adjusting expires and cache-control headers for pagespeed insights and on your WordPress website

Intro To Expires Headers Lots of people are onto using Google’s pagespeed insight and gtmetrix, You’ll often get a results saying some URLs need an expires header. It will be dragging down your score, and you hate the big fat F … FAIL .. Loser score you get attributed. But what do these expires headers […]

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error 502

Why is my WordPress shared web hosting breaking, my hosting company is asking me to upgrade

WordPress hosting is a complicated subject. A lot of people are wooed with low monthly prices for shared web hosting. These accounts are not usually optimized for hosting WordPress web sites. The hosting company doesn’t tell you , but the resources available to running your website are limited. When these resources run out, your site […]

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Bash command-line scripts to add standard plugins as a template for new WordPress development

Everytime you start a new project, you want a standard set of plugins. Instead of a click marathon, use a script like this   If you’re a standard user, use the following code.   for name in wp-hosting-performance-check p3-profiler advanced-cron-manager do /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php /usr/local/bin/wp-cli.phar –skip-themes –skip-plugins plugin install ${name} /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php /usr/local/bin/wp-cli.phar –skip-themes –skip-plugins plugin activate ${name} […]

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How to add Google Analytics stats and reports free for your WordPress website

This is mostly for less experienced WordPress folk. For WordPress site owners that are a bit new. By installing the following WordPress plugin, it will send tracking information about your web site visitors to google analytics. Then google analytics can give you back some nice graphs about your visitors. You can view these graphs on […]

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Optimizing WordPress and WooCommerce for thousands of products

Even though WooCommerce is immensely popular it struggles when you add thousands of products. Here is how we optimize for our customers. We recently had a customer who plonked 85,000 products into their database (thanks woo commerce import pro !). Our first observation, the pages were slow, starting at about 1.4 seconds per page. Then […]

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even more DDoS defense against xmlrpc and login attempts for your VPS

I am guessing if you’re running any sort of reasonable VPS you have fail2ban or something similar to stop too many hits on xmlrpc and login attempts. As we’ve all seen too many hits on these URLs and it eats all your CPU up, and your site either slows or crashes. We use haproxy in […]

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How to fix up a hacked WordPress site

So you managed to get your WordPress site hacked, here is a few options: recover a backup from before the hack occured export posts/pages, create a new WordPress install, add the plugins from, add your theme from somewhere clean, import pages/posts. This is a big job, and best done by someone who works everyday […]

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announcing virtual CTO for reseller and corporate accounts

      At wpDone we want to show commitment to our customers long term. We want to demonstrate our focus on our customers beyond servers, sites and support. For our reseller customers with more than 50 sites, or those on our corporate or enterprise plans, we are announcing that we will give you access to […]

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wordpress vps

So another uptime robot outage report for your managed VPS WordPress hosting

Your ‘uptime robot’ report over night says you had a 30 minute outage, again. You contact support, and they five you 1 of 2 answers – ‘it seems fine’  or  ‘you’ll need to upgrade’. Sound familiar ? Surely you’ve all seen plans with 2 CPUs and 4Gb of RAM 100gb of disk space – that […]

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error 502

error 502 on whm/cpanel for WordPress explained and solutions

Error 502 can be a drama – you’ve most likely found it through reports from jetpack, uptime robot or similar. It comes and it goes – by the time you’ve logged the error – it’s gone, and your support guys say everything is fine. Here is what causes error 502 the default configuration of most […]

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server is busy

How to solve high load on VPS for whm/cpanel and WordPress

This is one of the real problem areas of VPS hosting. You’re given certain resources on your VPS plan to manage (CPU, RAM, disk) – managed or unmanaged – in the end it’s up to you to solve if things start to crumble performance wise. You’ll probably notice slow sites first, then uptime robot or […]

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slow dns

using a .com website name slows your page loading time from Australia

I just worked out another reason to use for aussie websites, instead of .com (I see that question now and again). The .com site has another 0.3-0.6 seconds DNS lookup time, before the web page even starts to load. I have a few customer’s sites I am accelerating, but still suffering slow DNS times. […]

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tool to test VPS disk performance, are you getting what you paid for ?

Your VPS performance is a combination of CPU speed, memory, and disk performance. Then it’s divided by how oversold the hosting is, how noisy your neighbors are (other VPSs on the same server) It’s really hard to know if your getting what you paid for. This is a test of IOPS (Input Output per second) […]

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the hidden https slowdown no one knows about, adding 1 second to WordPress page load times, and how to fix it

So you have https enabled on your site, or you’re thinking about it. If you are selling stuff – obviously https is a must have. But if your WordPress site is largely marketing – there is the promise of better google SEO rankings for https sites, so more folk are moving to HTTPS. Before you […]

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email management options analysis for cpanel, shared and reseller hosting

There are a few ways to manage your email, they have different costs, pros and cons. The major options are: hosted by gmail with a paid account hosted by cpanel hosted by cpanel, but read by gmail redirected by cpanel There are also some related DNS and uptime issues. If you set things up correctly […]

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read only php jail

announcing new cpanel plugin to stop hackers writing files to WordPress websites

Everyone is always trying to stop hackers, with WordPress plugins, or 3rd party services – and the hacks still get in (and plugins are a hassle to maintain). Have you ever noticed your WordPress only got hacked when you weren’t watching ? How did they get in anyway ? And how did they write all those hacked […]

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safe or unsafe

smarter, safer, faster, more secure php for WordPress whm/cpanel webhosting

I’ve written about this before, but I have new ideas, but I’ll start with a short recap. WordPress needs to be able write to the FileSystem for things like updates, new plugins, caching. But , for a large proportion of web requests, WordPress really only needs read-only access to the filesystem. (more detail here). What […]

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how to get the https padlock icon for WordPress websites

Your trying to get your WordPress site secure. You’ve done the basics, like get a certificate, and enable https on your web server. But the darn lock icon just won’t come up. It looks something like this Then , what’s worse, some browser work with the lock icon, some don’t, some won’t even display the […]

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How to ensure your WordPress post and pages images work on Facebook

Ever posted your WordPress URL on facebook, and some of these happen: the wrong image appears on facebook the menu image for mobile appears on facebook no image appears on facebook you have a text only blog post, and you want your logo to appear on facebook, but alas nothing appears you change your image […]

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100% SLA uptime guarantee for WordPress hosting

Yes, we’re stepping up again. We 100% guarantee that your site will never go down, or we’ll give you money. We won’t make excuses about broken servers or DDoS attacks. If your site goes down, it’s our bad, and we’ll pay our guarantee. Standard web hosting, at other hosting companies,  when something goes wrong they […]

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Automatically optimized WordPress

At WPdone we believe in automating as much as possible, and obviously we believe in fast WordPress web sites. Do you spend time on every site you work on making it faster ? optimizing images optimizing images for desktop and mobile, and thumbnails adding plugins for images adding a plugin for a CDN optimizing css/js […]

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clustered wordpress hosting

Why you should be considering a cluster for your WordPress website hosting.

Not everyone understands what a cluster is. It’s when you have 2 or more servers running your website. Something like this: Your WordPress website would run across all the servers in the cluster. A cluster is used for 2 mains reasons – for increased performance and increased reliability. Increased Performance Usually if you want your […]

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Sick of managing WordPress plugins ?

Do you do the WordPress plugin tango ? it goes a bit like this (this might be over 6-24 months) : I’ll use wp-super cache on my sites I think I’ll use a WordPress backup to dropbox plugin now I need to go install wordfence firewall plugin on all my sites oh no, I need […]

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WPdone now has 1 click cpanel account transfer without whm root access

I think we’re a first in doing this. We’ve written a self service cpanel plugin, that can transfer a cpanel account from another host with 1 click. Previously you’d have to have whm root access to transfer accounts. With this plugin, you can pull a cpanel account from a web host into our staging environment […]

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WordPress web page speed graph

Try our WordPress plugin to check how fast your WordPress website and hosting is

Our WordPress plugin will help you keep track of your website performance. It’s difficult to know how well your website is delivering its content to your users. Checking the site your self doesn’t work too well, because of caching. Even if you clear your cache the test is a little artificial. And how about how […]

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No More White Screen of Death plugin for WordPress

I am looking for feedback on my idea. You know how you get those annoying white screens of death on WordPress now and again ? And you have to check plugins, check the database, see what update has screwed what. And you may or may not have a client breathing down your neck. What if […]

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Noob mistakes that small business make with WordPress

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress. But a lot of people use it poorly, and wonder why they don’t like it as much as me. buying theme’s that don’t have good support and updates. all theme’s need updates, to keep theme relevant, keep them working with new versions of WordPress, to keep them safe […]

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Why a multi server cluster is important for WordPress web hosting.

All shared web hosting, reseller hosting (which is the same), and VPS hosting , is based on stacking loads and loads of websites on a single physical server. Server’s have become more and more reliable over the years, and it’s common for them to run more than a few years without crashing. If a single […]

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Your slow WordPress web hosting is losing you customers

A lot of people check a few things when they are choosing their webhosting, including : price – cheaper is cool support – like when something goes wrong, there is someone to help nothing – yes, I’ll accept the hosting that comes with my website build Not a lot of people consider how the performance […]

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What small business need to know about building their first website

There are a lot of people out there building websites. What advise to take My best advise is don’t take advise from someone that only does 1 thing. Sure, when your ready to buy their solution they’ll be great at it. But don’t ask a guy with a hammer if you should use a nail […]

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What small business need to know about domains, dns and domain parking

This is a complicated area, so I’ll take it step by step. There is 3 main steps : Purchase Domain -> DNS delegation -> web hosting -> email Purchase Domain You should purchase a domain from somewhere reputable, and make sure you own the domain yourself. Some less reputable suppliers will buy the domain, allow […]

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WordPress plugin to show how fast your WordPress website is, and your WordPress Hosting is

I hate slow web sites , and it’s a bit tough to actually know how a site is actually going. Things happen like its quick when you checked, and cached, but later when your not looking its slower, or the hosting guys server goes slower . I am thinking of making a WordPress plugin to […]

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Why you should stop using email on your WordPress hosting

Email uses a protocol called SMTP, it was invented an eon ago. It is insecure, lazy, slow and unreliable. That’s why we have so much spam. Then someone invented spam filtering. So the flow goes something like this : WordPress website -> Local SMTP server -> Remote SMTP server -> Spam Filtering (black lists) -> […]

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What small business need to know before they spend money on their wordpress website.

WordPress is somewhere between flexible, and not, user friendly and not. WordPress is not popular because it’s hands down the best. It is a good balance between free, well supported, rich features, community support, supports developers, modern and easy to use. WordPress is a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. If you don’t expect […]

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What small business needs to know about wordpress web hosting

The more I see wordpress webhosting the more I can’t believe how poor the industry treats clients and their websites. This is a guide, to try to help small business owners navigate quotes for wordpress hosting. Shared web hosting accounts for almost all website quotes. If they don’t say it’s shared hosting, it still probably […]

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When to step up from web hosting to VPS, dedicated or cloud/clustered ?

Shared Web Hosting Shared Web-hosting is the cheapest, bottom of the barrel hosting for wordpress out there. You get a single cpanel account, no support, and poor performance. Shared Web hosting often has 1000:1 contention ratio or worse. There is 1000 other websites trying to compete with you for server resources. I say ‘no support’ […]

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How should I choose website hosting for wordpress? wordpress website hosting EXPOSED

OK , you’ve noticed there are a HUGE amount of people willing to host your wordpress website. So how do you chose ? on price ? on referral ? ask a mate ? Here are my top tips: understand what you need understand the market a little better – and understand what you are buying […]

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How should I backup my VPS/cpanel offsite to the cloud ?

OK, you’ve got a load of clients running wordpress under cpanel. And your VPS includes a tonne of space, so your backing up with whm to /backup. Or even better, the hosting company gives you some ftp space, and you have whm backing up to that. But recently you started to consider what if something […]

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Practical Small Business wordpress website security precautions

WordPress is very popular, and small business love the flexibility and features. Here is why wordpress is risky for small business  it takes years to gain the experience and skills required to actively defend a wordpress website. Now what small business owner wants to put the time and effort into learning wordpress ? blah small business […]

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Maximum reliability for your wordpress hosting

At wpdone we’ve gone to extreme lengths to engineer maximum reliability. We distribute multiple copies of your website, not just to 1 server, but to 3. And not just to 1 data centre, but 3. Our main data centre runs on industry leading VMware and a SAN. The other 2 datacentre’s are run by amazon. […]

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Remove revolution slider from your site, or get hacked.

Revolution slider is a popular wordpress plugin. A slider does funky things on your home page with images and text and slides them around – hence the name. I hate the revolution slider as it super slow anyway. Revolution slider is a premium plugin, and should be paid for. Some wordpress developers slip it onto […]

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Netregistry wordpress site disaster

I am helping a net registry customer with hacked wordpress The cpanel account has been banned twice in 2 days. And they force you to answer an email to the admin. I found out they have 5 days of backup on cpanel accounts. So after 5 days they delete your backups. So if it takes […]

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Replace Contact Form 7 to speed up your wordpress site

Contact Form 7 seems to have a great following. It helps your site to process web forms, and turn them into emails. The code seems fairly old, and does lots of bad things, including : loading its js and css files on every page, even those that don’t have forms it does some ajax after […]

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Hardening WordPress Security

OK – so you’ve read lame posts about file permissions, and keeping your plugins up to date. But you want more, more security and a bullet proof wordpress site. The internet is full of nasties, and gangs of cyber theives and bot networks. Most people ask me, why do I need security – there is […]

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Why Read-Only filesystem for WordPress is important to security

Almost all the hacks for wordpress revolve around writing some code to the server, and then using a URL to run the code. The hacker exploits some weakness in some code already deployed on your server. The main job is to upload more code. Once the extra code can be uploaded it is executed, and […]

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