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Maximum reliability for your wordpress hosting

At wpdone we’ve gone to extreme lengths to engineer maximum reliability.

We distribute multiple copies of your website, not just to 1 server, but to 3. And not just to 1 data centre, but 3.

Our main data centre runs on industry leading VMware and a SAN. The other 2 datacentre’s are run by amazon. All servers and datacentre’s are in Australia.

We use a duplicated everything, shared nothing strategy. So no server or component is reliant on another server – they can function independently.

We use a load balancer between each layer to manage the availability of each component of each server.

Each component is also smart, and knows how to connect to each load balancer.

  • we use technology from facebook to failover and replicate the memory cache between servers, and between data centres. Any web server can connect to any memory cache.
  • we use a clustered database across the 3 datacentres. And web server can connect to any working database server.
  • The security managers, and page optimization servers are also behind the balancers.
  • We use smart routing.
    • incoming web requests can route around a failed component, using working components on other servers.
    • each internal request knows how to reach multiple load balancers.
      • we use a technology from hosting to enable wordpress to connect to all 6 database servers.
      • each wordpress instance can connect to all of the memory cache instances, in a failover and replication pattern
      • each security and page optimization server knows how to connect to each wordpress instance
      • each component knows to favour local resources if they are available, but during component outage or excess load they can access components on other servers in other data centres

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