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100% SLA uptime guarantee for WordPress hosting

Yes, we’re stepping up again.

We 100% guarantee that your site will never go down, or we’ll give you money.

We won’t make excuses about broken servers or DDoS attacks. If your site goes down, it’s our bad, and we’ll pay our guarantee.

Standard web hosting, at other hosting companies,  when something goes wrong they have no real plan. A single server, a single network, a single plan. So when something goes wrong your site goes down.

At WPdone, we know stuff happens. Broken servers, slow databases, DDoS attacks are expected. But we have plans, multiple servers, multiple networks, multiple data centres.

We have multiples of every server, that makes a cluster. Each server is in a different data centre, at a different location.

We test every server, ever few seconds. We spread the load of web hits over different servers.


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