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speed up your WordPress website with a content accelerator

Perhaps your WordPress website is a tad slow. Maybe you’ve been wondering if you are losing client leads from your site being slow. If you aren’t sure of your WordPress website’s speed, head over to our other plugin https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-hosting-performance-check/.

at wpDone we like to make complex things nice and simple.

We’ve created a WordPress plugin (c’mon – they are dead easy to install), and it had 2 settings only – and 1 of those has sensible defaults. The other settings box is for the access key that we email you. Too easy !

Plus – it’s free – nadda – zip – pay nothing. You do need to sign up, and give us your details.

The plugin will save about 70%-90% of your internet usage on your hosting server. Our super fast servers do the work instead. Here is some of the savings – from a pingdom report

Less Talk, more download links please.

Sign up here :¬†https://whmcs.wpdone.com.au/cart.php?gid=3 ¬†– and we’ll email you the download link and key together.

Why free ?

we are doing this to attract customers – perhaps you can refer other folks to us, or review our premium managed WordPress hosting options.

The plugin is currently under review at wordpress.org – for now I’m after beta users, and I can email you a link for the plugin.

How Easy ?

1 sign up, install WordPress plugin, copy and paste key into settings.

Most other CDNs require DNS changes, credit cards, more settings and decisions.

How does it make your WordPress website faster ?

I’m glad you asked.

We keep a copy of most of the assets on your WordPress website (like images, java script, and css) and store them on higher speed servers. Plus there is 16 servers carefully spread over the world, and it selects the server closest to user clicking on your WordPress website, so it’s even faster.

Plus we do a few tricks, like image optimization for you.

Techy Details

It’s a CDN, with a simple WordPress plugin. The CDN has about 16 pops.

The CDN also optimizes the assets some, including shrinking images.

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