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WordPress plugin to show how fast your WordPress website is, and your WordPress Hosting is

I hate slow web sites , and it’s a bit tough to actually know how a site is actually going. Things happen like its quick when you checked, and cached, but later when your not looking its slower, or the hosting guys server goes slower
I am thinking of making a WordPress plugin to record your actual users visits. The web sever speed, and the end user speed (of the whole page loaded). So you can see a graph of your actual site’s speed.

Would you use it ? Would the info be valuable as to how fast your site is for your users ? Would this help confirm if your site was slow ? if your hosting company was slow ?

   before anyone says anything, I know Google analytics sort of does this , it samples 1 in 100 pages, but most people don’t know that, it’s not in your face in wp-admin, and most small business sites don’t get enough hits for 1:100 to be useful.

Big sites use newrelic – but that’s tough for most sites to implement.

Here are some graphs for an idea of what I might be aiming at. These are all bar graphs, I’ll do some line graphs also.

1. This first graph, is from a cpanel plugin, for an existing customer of wpdone. This is in ms, so most hits are under 0.1 seconds.


2. Here is some graphs from google analytics. It show simiar, lots of the hits are under 0.1 seconds. None over 1 second.

screenshot-www.google.com 2016-01-27 22-04-16


3. another from google analytics, this is entire page load speed, under 2 seconds is excellent, so about 80% of the pages are excellent speed.

screenshot-www.google.com 2016-01-27 22-03-41

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