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A simple plugin to speed up your WordPress website content

We recently developed a plugin – the WordPress web content accelerator – to help WordPress websites load more quickly.

wordpress website content accelerator

The basics of how long a WordPress web page takes to load includes:

  1. how fast the base html WordPress page takes to load
  2. how fast all the assets on the page load – the images/js/css

The WordPress content accelerator plugin helps with everything in the second category – and makes loading the page assets super fast.

The plugin helps in 2 main ways:

  • it keeps a copy of the page assets (images/js/css) and puts them on a super fast server closer to the end user . This is called a CDN
  • the CDN then uses http/2 to load all the assets at once.

The Short

Install this plugin, your WordPress website goes much faster.

If you want more details, read on.

How a CDN helps

A Content Deliver Network (CDN) is a group of high speed servers on the internet.

They are located strategically around the globe.

When a user clicks on a CDN enabled web page it loads from the nearest server to the requesting user.

When pages load from a geographically close server it is faster. Yes, the internet takes time to travel distance.

This plugin automagically loads your WordPress page assets (images/css/js) onto those CDN servers for you.

How http/2 helps

Normally assets on a web page load one after another.

If you’ve spent any time trying to opimitize a WordPress page a lot of work goes into reducing the number of assets, their size, the correct order – and lots of other messing around. If there is 80 assets on a page (which is about average for a WordPress page) loading them 1 at a time is slow.

http/2 loads all assets at once – which is much faster – often around 20x to 30x times faster.

http/2 is fairly new, not many Web hosting companies support it yet, and you need https installed on your site as well. With this plugin, you can bypass both your hosting company and the need for https, and get all the goodness and speed of http/2 without the bother.

download the WordPress website content acceleration

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