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how to get the https padlock icon for WordPress websites

https lock WordPress

Your trying to get your WordPress site secure. You’ve done the basics, like get a certificate, and enable https on your web server.

But the darn lock icon just won’t come up. It looks something like this


Then , what’s worse, some browser work with the lock icon, some don’t, some won’t even display the page.

The main problem is called ‘mixed content’ – which means some of your content is still loading over http:// instead of https://. It could be an image, or javascript, or css.

Here are some things to help you:

  • log into /wp-admin/ and then settings/general, and change both the ‘WordPress address’ and ‘Site address’ to
  • make sure you have a favicon.ico   – this can stop the https lock icon from appearing
  • refresh plugin settings for anything that has external forms, like active campaign
  • use  to see why the padlock isn’t appearing
  • use firebug or ‘developer tools’ in your browser to see blocked content
  • hope and pray that your plugins and themes didn’t hard code http:// into URLs, you’ll need to track them down and fix them. If you have hard coded URLs – use /wp-content/xxx/yyy  instead of http://www.yourdomain.coma.u/wp-content/xxx/yyy .

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