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No More White Screen of Death plugin for WordPress

WordPress white screen of death

I am looking for feedback on my idea.

You know how you get those annoying white screens of death on WordPress now and again ? And you have to check plugins, check the database, see what update has screwed what. And you may or may not have a client breathing down your neck.

What if you had a magical solution, that watched your WordPress website when it was working well, and remembered everything it did.

And when those pesky error 500’s started, it simply served the user with the most recent page.

It’s a little like what cloudflare does, but their solution is slow to react, the page speed on failure is very slow. They can’t cache all pages, and it depends how well each of cloudflare’s location has everything.

What it won’t do is allow form submits, or any other functions than simply reading pages.

What the code will do is:

  • check the sitemap.xml, and perhaps cascade through them if there is multiple
  • write pages out to memcached

I’ll write as a whm/cpanel plugin first.  So it will work perfectly for anyone with a VPS.

I’ll write it as a WordPress plugin also, incase you  have on shared or reseller hosting.

By on February 16th, 2016 ,

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