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Added load testing to my free WordPress plugin

Now you can find out how many users your WordPress website can handle. You can try out my plugin ‘wp Hosting Performance Plugin’ here – or searching ‘performance check’ in the add plugins of /wp-admin/ on your site.

Often it’s only you surfing your own website when you are testing. Sometimes there might be a bot or 2 surfing your website at the same time ( like googlebot or bingbot – most site owners have no clue when this occurs). Even the simplest site really needs to be able to accomodate 2 concurrent users at once – a bot and a real user.

Posting a link on Facebook , even if no one clicks, generates a huge amount of hits. Each person that views your link, the Facebook server downloads the page and images. So a popular post can get slowed if your WordPress website isn’t keeping up.

But it’s very important for WooCommerce WordPress web sites, or any site that you do promotions for, if you often link from social media. You don’t want your promotion hampered by a slow WordPress website and hosting.

The load test gives a detailed report with about a dozen graphs, measures all the URLs on your WordPress website. But it also displays an Apdex graph (as seen above). Green being happy users, yellow users are tolerating your slow WordPress website, and orange/red are frustrated and leaving. So the above chart of be a fail at the given tested user load.

When running a test , the plugin will grab a list of all your pages, posts, WooCommerce products, cart/check/add-to-cart URLs.

You can select to choose testing from either Australia or the US, and you can choose from 1 to 500 concurrent users. I might make that number larger at some stage.

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