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announcing virtual CTO for reseller and corporate accounts





At wpDone we want to show commitment to our customers long term.

We want to demonstrate our focus on our customers beyond servers, sites and support.

For our reseller customers with more than 50 sites, or those on our corporate or enterprise plans, we are announcing that we will give you access to our CEO, Scott Farrell.

We can discuss how your hosting is going if you like. But the idea is to talk about your business more, where things are going, what’s happening in the cloud, what is changing, how you can take advantage of it.

This also demonstrates our focus on the Australian market. How else could we attend face-to-face if we weren’t in the same state / country ?

Some examples of what we envisage:

  • email contact to ask questions on technology or direction
  • monthly teleconference to discuss your business (not our hosting)
  • quartlerly attendance to a face to face meeting.  Let me know when you’re next in Sydney
  • Or yearly, I’ll fly to a capital city near you to catch up

As part of this initiative we are also implementing a quartlerly review process, where we ask you for some feedback on our services as well.

By on August 3rd, 2016 ,

Email or call, and we can arrange a time to chat call 0412927156 or CONTACT US TODAY!