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Small Business WordPress hosting

We understand small business and the help you need from your WordPress hosting provider.

All plans include the ‘wpdone support concierge‘. The concierge will contact you if there are any support issues. We know you hate having to call up support – you’re too busy with life and your business to be calling support. We will monitor your site, if we find problems, we’ll get onto it promptly and call you if we expect any delays in returning your site to a working condition.

Our phone support is direct┬áto a senior support tech – so you get a better answer more quickly.

All small business plans include ‘wpdone support concierge’ and telephone support.

Our silver plan includes maintenance and updates for your WordPress website. Without maintenance, your website will fall into decay. Out of date website are more likely to be hacked. Also, if you ever want to make changes to your site – like adding features – if your WordPress website is too far out of date it can’t be updated. It’s much like maintenance on your own house or car – if you leave it without maintenance for too long you end up with a pile of rubble. You probably invested a good amount of money in building your website, maintenance is there to maintain the value of your investment.

We also have a gold plan that includes a ‘helping hand’. If you regularly add content or features to your site you may wish to consider our helping hand. We will help you with 2 small tasks a month – if you use less you can carry over 2 small tasks to the following month. The help can be with the content or adding features, or a general chat about ideas to progress your site further.

Small Business Small Business Silver Small Business Gold
Fast WordPress Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Secure WordPress hosting Yes Yes Yes
wpDone Support Concierge Yes Yes Yes
Silver Service
WordPress maintenance
No Yes Yes
Gold Service
wpDone helping hand
No No Yes

Email or call, and we can arrange a time to chat call 0412927156 or CONTACT US TODAY!