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Free Aussie web content accelerator CDN as a WordPress plugin

I’m looking at creating a free WordPress plugin to help you speed up the content on your website.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) can help to speedup the loading of your web page for your customers.

The plugin will be free, with unlimited usage , for all Aussies.

I’ll make sure it’s super easy to use, 1 click install.

Some of our Aussie internet is getting faster, but a LOT is still pretty slow.

If you’re not too sure if your WordPress website hosting performance is fast or slow, you can check with my free plugin from from here¬†

If your website is hosted in the US, or on slower hosting in Australia, you will have slow web page load times. ¬†Slow web pages equals frustrated users, and less clicks and money. By using this WordPress CDN plugin then you’ll benefit from using a CDN, and make your website faster to load.

A CDN brings your content closer to your users, so much of your web content appears to be in Australia, and makes it much faster to load.

This would include all images on your site, javascripts, css files, pdfs etc. It’s very often 90%-95% of the web page can be loaded from CDN instead of from your website.

What is even better is that resources loaded from CDN wont count to your hosting plan usage.

I’m also consider a whm/cpanel plugin – so you can automatically deploy to all of your WordPress sites on the server at once.

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