Case Study - WooCommerce shop optimized by moving to premium wpDone hosting - more customers more sales -

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Case Study – WooCommerce shop optimized by moving to premium wpDone hosting – more customers more sales

I had the pleasure of working with Cheri from

Previously her site was on a ‘business plan’ of a Crazy Domains – their cloud solution with 300% more performance … mmmmmm


fast woocommerce

She was fed up with trying to keep the site working. It was constantly crashing , and causing her customers a lot of frustration (not too mentioned Cheri’s frustration).

In a phone conversation Cheri mentioned that when 4 users clicked on her site it would crash with the previous shared / cloud hosting at Crazy Domains. She also mentioned the WordPress site was so large all the tools she had tried to move it to other hosting failed, and that ‘the database was over 1 gig in size’.

We moved her WordPress and WooCommerce site the same day. Had it up and running. We were in constant contact letting her know how things were progressing. We made some CloudFlare DNS changes for her.

She wasn’t required to move any files, login to any console – she nicely trusted us with a few logins – and bingo – we had everything running in a jiffy.

We uninstalled a few caching plugins. And let her know she should remove a few optimization plugins. It was clear, from the number of installed optimizations and caching solutions (both in WordPress and in CloudFlare) that she had tried a lot of things to get her site to perform. Our servers do all the caching and optimizing – no need for messing about with countless plugins.

Here are some direct quotes from emails from Cheri :

‘I am looking at it right now and almost speechless. The speed is so much better, and yes it can be improved, but holy hell! It’s SO fast!’

‘Additionally, Is there anywhere I can leave you a review? I am utterly blown away by your promptness and customer service. ‘

‘I’m already seeing the page consumption of single users greatly increasing (I live on google analytics real time)’

‘I’m going to unthrottle the advertising now so we can see what happens (also – being able to watch 12 people on the site without errors at once… blissssss!)’

‘After a year of testing to see whether I had a viable business idea, I had enough traffic on my inadequate, overcrowded, shared hosting to upgrade before the user experience took a real hit due to lag, lack of responsiveness and general frustration with speed.’

‘Scott and his team not only migrated my site to the new servers in an incredibly short time (think hours not days), they worked solidly to sort out a particularly tricky issue with my admin panel.’

‘Immediately I saw a vast improvement in my Pagespeed and YSLOW scores and my page fully loaded time decreased from almost 40 seconds to 7.3 seconds. Since then, I have watched traffic that I was otherwise missing flock to my site!’

’10/10 would recommend to WPDONE any small business who wants the flexibility of wordpress/woo on a superfast reliable host. Thanks Guys!’

Cheridan Kerr
Shopkeep /


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