Try our WordPress plugin to check how fast your WordPress website and hosting is -

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Try our WordPress plugin to check how fast your WordPress website and hosting is

Our WordPress plugin will help you keep track of your website performance.

It’s difficult to know how well your website is delivering its content to your users.

Checking the site your self doesn’t work too well, because of caching. Even if you clear your cache the test is a little artificial. And how about how it performs throughout the day ? perhaps there is occasions when its sluggish. How does your website perform when your not looking ?

How about website speed testing ? Again, it’s artificial. This plugin is aimed at showing you real world performance.

Why should you care your site is slow? read more about that here.

The plugin shows several graphs. The graph shows long it takes to display a web page for your users. 2-3 seconds is great. Anything over 7-8 seconds, and users will be clicking away from your sight, and you’ll be losing business

WordPress web page speed graph


This graph show’s how well your web hosting company is performing. Around 1 second in common. But as you’ll see below, out hosting has most pages under 0.1 seconds.

WordPress hosting performance graph

We also have graphs spaced out over time, so you can see if you hosting company has any hours/days of poor performance.


But won’t this slow down my Server ?

  •  we’ve taken great measures to make sure it never slows down your server. Some of the steps include:
    • A single ajax call, and all elements on the page have loaded
    • this ajax call operates ‘in the background’ of your web page loading
    • the ajax call does all the work of writing to the database.
    • the database table does not have indexes, which much updating very quick. It does make reading a tad slower, but that’s only when you display graphs, and the graphs are super fast anyway.
    • we automatically prune older data from the database.
    • It does use jquery, but doesn’t load another jquery library if one is already loaded, which is almost always on modern websites

How accurate is the plugin ?

  • it seems very accurate for the end user response times – call ‘webpage load time’
  • for server response (the time it takes on calculating the php code), it is probably overly generous, and is giving a slightly false faster time that it should. We’ll address this in later releases as well.

What are the known issues ?

  • It hasn’t been tested with page caching, and is likely to give inaccurate results. We’ll be working on that in a future release
  • We haven’t done a lot of testing, and we still consider the plugin as beta

This is now released on

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