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WordPress development workflow with sync to local

I need some feedback from Web Designers/agencies.

How many of you are developing WordPress sites directly on hosting servers ?
I find that it can be a slow and painful process, waiting for clicks when developing directly on a hosting server. I think that’s not too bad for new sites, but poor practice to make changes to live sites directly on the hosting server. And in either case it can be slow and painful.
I’m looking at make a WordPress development workflow, that magically fixed this.
The objective is to be make it:
1 click easy to sync (live to local, and then local back to live)
all development is on your local computer. you end up with a database, and web server installed.
reliable syncing of changes
sync both files and database
make working on WordPress much faster on your local PC
included all the software for free
included training
would this be of interest to you ? would you use it ? do you think you’d be more productive ? do you have concerns that would stop you using it ?

For The Techies

I’m looking at a few different designs :
1. based on phpstorm
  • build a plugin that works with wordmove
  • perhaps wordmove becomes a VCS
  • but it becomes a bit messy with managing apache/mysql

2. based on Docker

  • likely based on cpanel
  • ‚Äčdownload dockerfile from cpanel
    • that includes a wordmove file
    • dockerfile
    • ssh keys
  • perhaps a different port number per install
    • so a docker container per site your working on
    • perhaps uses local folder as volumes, so if you later re-sync the same site, you already have most of the files.

3. based on Vagrant VVV

  • I’m thinking this might be too heavy, too much installing, too serious

4. based on a cloud server/container

  • very similar to 2 above, but on a cloud resource
  • it would be disposable
  • maybe use wordmove, but that requires ssh, and that’s probably beyond most WordPress
  • perhaps a plugin to help the migration, or work with wordmove
  • perhaps work with an existing plugin, like duplicator or all-in-one-migration.
  • but then it’s still internet based, and not local. While this seems easier to build and use, perhaps there isn’t enough advantages.
5. use phpstorm with existing VCS features
  • perhaps supporting GIT or some other feature
  • write a plugin to help migrate changes, and database changes
  • perhaps a git repository on the cpanel account, or even github.

6. just teach people to use git and revisr

  • setup a free private git repository for aussie wordpress developers (or find a free alternative to git)
  • this seems practical
  • probably works easily with phpstorm
  • probably works with any combo of local development stacks.
  • would need training doco

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