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Sick of managing WordPress plugins ?

Do you do the WordPress plugin tango ? it goes a bit like this (this might be over 6-24 months) :

  • I’ll use wp-super cache on my sites
  • I think I’ll use a WordPress backup to dropbox plugin
  • now I need to go install wordfence firewall plugin on all my sites
  • oh no, I need to change the folder that wp-super cache is using
  • darn it, not all the backups are working , it’s only sometimes. It must be timeouts.
  • I think I should have used w3 total cache instead (un-installs wp-super cache for w3tc)
  • I should have started with backup buddy, and paid for it, oops … more mucking with plugins.
  • I’ve heard good things about ninja firewall plugin – maybe I should use that.

Even if you have a WordPress management panel, this is a lot of screwing around with plugins. Not to mention, you need to keep them up to date. And what if you need to change the settings on something like w3 total cache.

At WPdone we make your life a whole lot easier:

  • we recommend no caching plugins to start with. Seriously, our servers are just ‘that’ fast. A standard WordPress page loads in 18ms with no caching (about 0.02 seconds), most sites load in under 100ms (0.1 seconds).
  • If you do want to use w3 total cache, we recommend settings for you, and automatically apply them, including our clustered memcached
  • We do the most awesome backups for you. Including sending those backups offsite for you to ssh/ftp/s3/dropbox.
  • Our security is super tight, we recommend you remove your firewall plugins. We run enough security for you with mod-security and read only WordPress. Plus we have an unhackable guarantee.

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