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WordPress plugin to load test your website and hosting

Load test your WordPress website hosting

Maybe you have a Woo Commerce shopping site and thinking of having a sale. Maybe you just want to know if your hosting is any good.

I’ve written a plugin that load tests your WordPress and WooCommerce website for free.

  • You install my plugin
  • choose how many simultaneous users you want tested, 10/50/100/500/1000 (up to 25,000 now )
  • choose a location to test from
  • What sort of a mix you want, read-only, blog with a faked blog post, ecommerce shopping transactions (add-to cart, checkout)
  • I’ll hit all the pages from sitemap.xml
  • I’ll read all the images/css/js from the web pages
  • I’ll use http/2 , and https.
  • And you’ll get a report – successful hits, average request time, I’ll give you a graph and a rating.
  • And the opportunity to record the results, and compare to other hosting plans.
  • I think some levels might be free, and a small payment for higher levels of tests (to cover my costs)

It will probably just DoS (Denial Of Service ) most hosting and take it down = crash your server. But that’s up to you, you might want to clear it with your host first. If it’s a VPS you can do what you like.

The plugin really only authenticates that you own/run the WordPress website. I’ll run the test from AWS ec2 with apache jmeter or some other tools.

I’d like to know if you’d use it ? would you share the results ? If it worked would you recommend it to others ? what other features would you need ?

Of course you’ve seen my other plugin, that benchmarks and compares your hosting, and our ‘Comparo‘ page – to compare websites.

I’ve released this know – it’s in my wp Hosting Performance Check plugin. Here are some example graphs. And here is an example report.


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