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Don’t use Contact Form 7 for your WordPress leads

You wouldn’t put cash in the post – so why are you putting your leads in email ?

Too many people use Contact Form 7 for their WordPress website. The use of Contact Form 7 is super common. It’s easy, quick, website builders know how to use it quickly and easily.

The job of Contact Form 7 is usually for a ‘contact us’ page. It captures the details (name/email/message) and sends an email to the website owner.

The problem is email is not very reliable. It gets lost, in spam boxes, in a flood of other emails. It gets misplaced, forgotten. Sometimes the delivery fails for whatever reason.

Now, what if you have a team following up leads, do you deliver to one person or more than one person? and now it gets even harder to know what happened with the leads.

The whole idea of you building a website was to get leads. Now you are mismanaging those leads using emails.Â

Each lead is worth money to you. You should be treating those leads as valuable.

The biggest problem with Contact Form 7 – is if the email fails, for whatever reason, Contact Form 7 just throws the valuable contact/lead information away. That’s right – it just says ‘too hard’ – and chucks the lead in the bin.

The solution is a better plugin, that records the lead and stores it into your WordPress database. It’s much safer there, and there’s no spam filter, and won’t get lost in email.

The new plugin will still email you the details, but you can review the leads in your WordPress wp-admin screens anytime you like.

I recommend ‘WordPress leads’. It’s free, just as easy to use as Contact Form 7, but does a much better job.

Storing your valuable leads is the first step into investing into a proper Contact/Lead management system.

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