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Automatically optimized WordPress

At WPdone we believe in automating as much as possible, and obviously we believe in fast WordPress web sites.

Do you spend time on every site you work on making it faster ?

  • optimizing images
  • optimizing images for desktop and mobile, and thumbnails
  • adding plugins for images
  • adding a plugin for a CDN
  • optimizing css/js so sites load faster
  • plugins for caching
  • then tuning those caching plugins ?


At WPdone we automate all those changes, and more, automatically. You just build the base WordPress website, and let us automatically run fast. No plugins, no changes, no resizing, no nothing.

Hosting at WPdone does all the above automatically for you, including:

  • optimizing images for each browser request
    • mobile/desktop
    • it looks at the HTML, and resizes images intelligently
    • we use WebP for appropriate browsers, which are smaller than png and jpeg.
    • we inline images, that are small, and above the fold
    • all images are cached in RAM (memcached)
    • we set the ‘expires time’ to 1 year, so CloudFlare and browsers cache them longer
    • auto expire on new images, by using an MD5 checksum, and renaming the img src for each new version of the image
    • we optimize each page, for each browser request, looking at its ‘user agent’ string, and the history of that page in order to understand where the fold is.
  • We automatically deploy a CDN for you – CloudFlare
    • it’s a 1 click install in cpanel
    • we optimize your site to work with cloudflare – for images, css, js
    • we use cloudflare railgun to optimize the base wordpress HTML pages
  • We use a faster php processor, called HHVM, which was developed to run facebook.
    • you don’t need to make any changes, it just makes your wordprss 3x-5x times faster
  • We use memory caching for all assets – images, jss,css
    • we store them in memcached which makes them super fast
    • we auto expire them based on md5 checksum
  • If you want page caching we can auto deploy w3 total cache, and configure the settings
    • our WordPress hosting is so fast, you won’t even need page caching … yes, it’s that fast
  • We cluster your WordPress website
    • so that it runs from several servers, that are load balanced

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