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Cheri says a faster Woo Commerce site is leading to more sales

Cherri owns an online store – selling retro clothes – peachy.

cheri says faast woo commerce hosting leads to more sales

As she spent more time advertising her store, the site spent more time crashing and going slower. This lead to a halt in online sales growth.

Cheri know her eCommerce numbers – and has observed a dramatic uptick in online sales since moving to wpdone premium WordPress hosting.

Here is a quote from Cheri.

However, the success story so far is as follows :

“WPDONE was implemented the 19th June. 20th June after proprogation complete, was one of our highest ever traffic days.  (2nd highest to my NYE sale)”

“15th July saw us beat the entire month of June in traffic. And June was our highest ever month. We also saw our highest ever traffic day on the 8th or 9th July. ”

“since we moved to WPDONE sales have greatly improved To put that into perspective as of today we  have done 95% of the sales we did in June. 7th July I implemented capped price shipping which has sent a lot of traffic to the site, but it can handle it! Which it absolutely would not have been able to before the migration. ”

“Thanks again. you guys are the best. CK”

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