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Fast WordPress Hosting

These are all things that make our WordPress hosting fast, and will boost your site.

wpDone Fast WordPress Hosting

All Aussie servers

US servers are about 0.3 seconds from Aussie users, which multiplies with all the round trips to get assets. Clustered across Sydney and Melbourne.

faster php

We use the latest php 7.2.

We use php-fpm which makes php even faster.

Aussie networks

We are peered on local Aussie networks also, which reduces the network hops to the end user
cloudflare railgun, this opimtizes dynamic pages, and delivers them faster to the end user

Optimized images, css, js

we use mod_pagespeed, by google. This modifies WordPress pages in realtime the aim is to draw the web page faster on the users screen.

SSD storage

SSDs are more than 100 times faster than the technology they replace. so if something does hit disk, it’s as fast as it can be

Server Resources

large amounts of CPU and memory for your server

Automatic Caching

We cache all WordPress pages and assets.

We make sure the caching works with WordPress users and woo Commerce.


HTTP/2 is a new standard, that allow the web browser to download page much faster.

The main take-away from this, is we’ve engineered lots of tech for this to run fast. And you get all this for your site, the instant you move over to – without any changes to your site – no plugins required.

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