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Secure WordPress Hosting

These are all things that go into our secure WordPress hosting, that will protect your WordPress website.


Hardware Firewall

We have a juniper hardware firewall. Hardware firewalls are an important measure to stop large scale attacks on web servers.

Software Firewall

The we have software firewall. A little similar to the hardware firewall, but it is programmable.

We use this to help block DDoS attacks .

DDoS protection

There are lots of bot farms and attackers that will attempts a lot of hits on your site. This consumes your resources and brings down your site.

Out DDoS protection starts before the request gets to WordPress.

This includes session limits, request limits, bot grey list, and bot login detection.

We also have DDoS protection on DNS requests.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

mod_security is next. It checks each click/request, and looks for hacking patterns.
Then we look at patterns over time. These patterns, and triggers from mod security are blocked on a software firewall.

Real-time and daily Virus Scan

We scan all files daily for virus and hacking.

We run an instant virus scan on any new files uploaded. If a hack is detected we quarantine the files – and call support for you.

Read Only filesystem (for enterprise customers)

The web server is run on a read-only file system, so no changes can be made, even if we execute a hack it can’t make changes. Mose hacks rely on modifying php files, or uploading php files. Our readonly filesystem makes this impossible. We believe this is unique to our hosting.

Each component, web server, sql server, mod security, are all run in their own security container – so a hack can’t spread.
We have 2 factor authentication to log into wp-admin. We use two levels of passwords to make wp-admin more secure.


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