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Block Bad Bots from slowing down WordPress

Sometimes it’s hard to know why your WordPress website is going slow. And your hosting company says it’s your fault ‘too many plugins’. The truth is shared web hosting is really only able to service very small WordPress sites. Once the WordPress site get a bit larger in terms of posts/pages or the number of […]

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newly released PHP 7.2 makes WordPress faster

PHP 7.2 was released late last year, and is now recommended by 75% WordPress sites are still using PHP 5.x according to I just thought I’d make a comparison of performance of a few recent versions of PHP. This is a comparison of the WordPress page load speed. This isn’t the whole page loading in the […]

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speed up your NetRegistry hosting by 500% for free

NetRegistry hosting isn’t very fast. But with this little tweak you can get reasonable performance. You can ask support to do it for you, but there is about 5 simple clicks to do it yourself. The defaults at netregistry are not very good. They are old, slow and easily hacked. My test site was taking around […]

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2 seconds page load globally using WordPress website content accelerator

My client had a valuable landing page, and it was loading slow internationally. Slow enough that people let him know – it started at a load time of 12+ seconds. This is largely due to it being https, international, and he has a heavy theme with 94 assets on the page. But just installing my […]

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Optimizing WordPress and WooCommerce for thousands of products

Even though WooCommerce is immensely popular it struggles when you add thousands of products. Here is how we optimize for our customers. We recently had a customer who plonked 85,000 products into their database (thanks woo commerce import pro !). Our first observation, the pages were slow, starting at about 1.4 seconds per page. Then […]

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error 502 on whm/cpanel for WordPress explained and solutions

Error 502 can be a drama – you’ve most likely found it through reports from jetpack, uptime robot or similar. It comes and it goes – by the time you’ve logged the error – it’s gone, and your support guys say everything is fine. Here is what causes error 502 the default configuration of most […]

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How to solve high load on VPS for whm/cpanel and WordPress

This is one of the real problem areas of VPS hosting. You’re given certain resources on your VPS plan to manage (CPU, RAM, disk) – managed or unmanaged – in the end it’s up to you to solve if things start to crumble performance wise. You’ll probably notice slow sites first, then uptime robot or […]

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using a .com website name slows your page loading time from Australia

I just worked out another reason to use for aussie websites, instead of .com (I see that question now and again). The .com site has another 0.3-0.6 seconds DNS lookup time, before the web page even starts to load. I have a few customer’s sites I am accelerating, but still suffering slow DNS times. […]

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tool to test VPS disk performance, are you getting what you paid for ?

Your VPS performance is a combination of CPU speed, memory, and disk performance. Then it’s divided by how oversold the hosting is, how noisy your neighbors are (other VPSs on the same server) It’s really hard to know if your getting what you paid for. This is a test of IOPS (Input Output per second) […]

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