WP Hosting Performance Check

WordPress Hosting Performance Check

It's often difficult to know how your WP website is performing, and how real end users are experiencing the performance of your WP website.

​Ever noticed your site seems to perform OK when you check, but other folk say its slow later. Like gremlins are getting in and making it slower ?

If not then just click here for our FREE WP Plugin, that will track real users in real time.

This Plugin helps you to records the performance of your WP Hosting Server, display graphs of the server response and end user web page load speeds​

Show Me My Website Performance

  • 6 levels of security. Most hosting providers have no security, or a single firewall
  • We investigate every click, and actively stop hackers
  • We ban the worst culprits
  • And of course, we have our $1,000 Unhackable Guarantee

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Improve Your Website Performance


  • Each layer of our WordPress hosting is tweaked for speed
  • We use memory caching to remember previous hits on your pages
  • We use a CDN to cache content
  • We use technology from google and facebook to accelerate your WordPress


  • Your WordPress site will run on multiple servers
  • If 1 server breaks, or goes slow, another server takes over
  • The servers are at multiple physical locations, in case there is a local calamity
  • We actively check each component on each server, if some component is not working, your site will use a working component on another server
  • All other web hosting and VPS are on a single server, in a single datacentre, just waiting for something to break

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What People Are Saying

Marisa Lo Certo, Owner / Artilux

Since www.wpdone.com.au started hosting our website over a year ago, we have never looked back. We noticed the increased speed in the website immediately and it has been consistently fast. Prior to moving to www.wpdone.com.au we were experiencing numerous hacking attempts on a daily basis to our website. The security at www.wpdone.com.au has no equal, we have never received a hacking attempt since moving to them. We highly recommend www.wpdone.com.au

Bee Pennington, Wellness Mentor and author

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being such an incredible support with my recent website dilemma. It’s so easy to go along and hope for the best and assume your website will function well at all times, but when something did go wrong it was beyond fantastic to have you on my team. The way you jumped straight onto the task, communicated the whole way through, offered options and recommendations for resolution and even that you’re based in my time zone (thank goodness for great Aussie businesses) meant the issue was cleared up promptly and I felt so incredibly supported. I will most definitely be recommending wpdone.com.au to every other person who values their web page and it’s security. With heartfelt thanks for your professional support and incredible knowledge and skill.In good health

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