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So another uptime robot outage report for your managed VPS WordPress hosting

Your ‘uptime robot’ report over night says you had a 30 minute outage, again. You contact support, and they five you 1 of 2 answers – ‘it seems fine’  or  ‘you’ll need to upgrade’. Sound familiar ? Surely you’ve all seen plans with 2 CPUs and 4Gb of RAM 100gb of disk space – that […]

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Try our WordPress plugin to check how fast your WordPress website and hosting is

Our WordPress plugin will help you keep track of your website performance. It’s difficult to know how well your website is delivering its content to your users. Checking the site your self doesn’t work too well, because of caching. Even if you clear your cache the test is a little artificial. And how about how […]

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Noob mistakes that small business make with WordPress

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress. But a lot of people use it poorly, and wonder why they don’t like it as much as me. buying theme’s that don’t have good support and updates. all theme’s need updates, to keep theme relevant, keep them working with new versions of WordPress, to keep them safe […]

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Your slow WordPress web hosting is losing you customers

A lot of people check a few things when they are choosing their webhosting, including : price – cheaper is cool support – like when something goes wrong, there is someone to help nothing – yes, I’ll accept the hosting that comes with my website build Not a lot of people consider how the performance […]

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