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Block Bad Bots from slowing down WordPress

Sometimes it’s hard to know why your WordPress website is going slow. And your hosting company says it’s your fault ‘too many plugins’. The truth is shared web hosting is really only able to service very small WordPress sites. Once the WordPress site get a bit larger in terms of posts/pages or the number of […]

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WordPress plugin to lockdown a WordPress website so no changes or hacks occur

The Problem I’ve noticed a good percentage of WordPress sites are brochure ware, and rarely have any updated content. Site owners struggle over an extended period to keep their site secure. Keeping WordPress updated, plugins updated, theme updated. Auto updates have helped a lot with this recently. Keeping everything updated doesn’t guarantee you won’t get hacked […]

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How hackers get your passwords and hack your WordPress website

This is an example website request that can hack open your WordPress website in a nano second. The theme used above (mTheme-Unus) has some poor code. And the hacker can send the carefully crafted URL to download your wp-config.php (which contains your passwords). This is why you need to keep your WordPress plugins and themes […]

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Stop hackers on your WordPress web site using two factor authentication.

You need to protect your WordPress website from hackers. One way the hackers get in is by password guessing. They are very good at it, and even if they don’t hack your WordPress web site – they steal away performance from real people trying to use your web site. Common mistakes: relying on WordFence plugin. […]

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How to protect your online self and bank account from being hacked

The Risk You can be as careful as you like, eventually you’ll click on something you should not have. The scams are getting smarter. You’ll get a request, video, document from someone that you really trust. I received a document a year ago from my lawyer, from his email address, saying that I’m required in […]

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How to fix up a hacked WordPress site

So you managed to get your WordPress site hacked, here is a few options: recover a backup from before the hack occured export posts/pages, create a new WordPress install, add the plugins from, add your theme from somewhere clean, import pages/posts. This is a big job, and best done by someone who works everyday […]

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announcing new cpanel plugin to stop hackers writing files to WordPress websites

Everyone is always trying to stop hackers, with WordPress plugins, or 3rd party services – and the hacks still get in (and plugins are a hassle to maintain). Have you ever noticed your WordPress only got hacked when you weren’t watching ? How did they get in anyway ? And how did they write all those hacked […]

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smarter, safer, faster, more secure php for WordPress whm/cpanel webhosting

I’ve written about this before, but I have new ideas, but I’ll start with a short recap. WordPress needs to be able write to the FileSystem for things like updates, new plugins, caching. But , for a large proportion of web requests, WordPress really only needs read-only access to the filesystem. (more detail here). What […]

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how to get the https padlock icon for WordPress websites

Your trying to get your WordPress site secure. You’ve done the basics, like get a certificate, and enable https on your web server. But the darn lock icon just won’t come up. It looks something like this Then , what’s worse, some browser work with the lock icon, some don’t, some won’t even display the […]

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Practical Small Business wordpress website security precautions

WordPress is very popular, and small business love the flexibility and features. Here is why wordpress is risky for small business  it takes years to gain the experience and skills required to actively defend a wordpress website. Now what small business owner wants to put the time and effort into learning wordpress ? blah small business […]

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Remove revolution slider from your site, or get hacked.

Revolution slider is a popular wordpress plugin. A slider does funky things on your home page with images and text and slides them around – hence the name. I hate the revolution slider as it super slow anyway. Revolution slider is a premium plugin, and should be paid for. Some wordpress developers slip it onto […]

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Netregistry wordpress site disaster

I am helping a net registry customer with hacked wordpress The cpanel account has been banned twice in 2 days. And they force you to answer an email to the admin. I found out they have 5 days of backup on cpanel accounts. So after 5 days they delete your backups. So if it takes […]

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