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Noob mistakes that small business make with WordPress

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress. But a lot of people use it poorly, and wonder why they don’t like it as much as me. buying theme’s that don’t have good support and updates. all theme’s need updates, to keep theme relevant, keep them working with new versions of WordPress, to keep them safe […]

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What small business need to know about building their first website

There are a lot of people out there building websites. What advise to take My best advise is don’t take advise from someone that only does 1 thing. Sure, when your ready to buy their solution they’ll be great at it. But don’t ask a guy with a hammer if you should use a nail […]

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What small business need to know about domains, dns and domain parking

This is a complicated area, so I’ll take it step by step. There is 3 main steps : Purchase Domain -> DNS delegation -> web hosting -> email Purchase Domain You should purchase a domain from somewhere reputable, and make sure you own the domain yourself. Some less reputable suppliers will buy the domain, allow […]

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What small business need to know before they spend money on their wordpress website.

WordPress is somewhere between flexible, and not, user friendly and not. WordPress is not popular because it’s hands down the best. It is a good balance between free, well supported, rich features, community support, supports developers, modern and easy to use. WordPress is a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. If you don’t expect […]

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What small business needs to know about wordpress web hosting

The more I see wordpress webhosting the more I can’t believe how poor the industry treats clients and their websites. This is a guide, to try to help small business owners navigate quotes for wordpress hosting. Shared web hosting accounts for almost all website quotes. If they don’t say it’s shared hosting, it still probably […]

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