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tuning mysql / mariadb database for WooCommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce can really give mysql or mariadb a pounding. On smaller hosting platforms WooCommerce will grind to a halt. If you have a VPS, here are a few things you can tune, to give you fast database performance. The faster the database goes, the faster WooCommerce goes:   InnoDb cache Assuming of course that you’re […]

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Smash your WordPress hosting – load test WordPress and WooCommerce with up to 25000 users

I just upgraded my WordPress plugin to support up to 25,000 concurrent user load test, for both WordPress and WooCommerce. It is using a high performance server, with up to 72 cores, using Intel Xeon Platinum processors, and 25 Gbit internet connection. This will totally smash any WordPress hosting server – it will burn the hosting […]

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Added load testing to my free WordPress plugin

Now you can find out how many users your WordPress website can handle. You can try out my plugin ‘wp Hosting Performance Plugin’ here – or searching ‘performance check’ in the add plugins of /wp-admin/ on your site. Often it’s only you surfing your own website when you are testing. Sometimes there might be a bot […]

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WordPress plugin to load test your website and hosting

Maybe you have a Woo Commerce shopping site and thinking of having a sale. Maybe you just want to know if your hosting is any good. I’ve written a plugin that load tests your WordPress and WooCommerce website for free. You install my plugin choose how many simultaneous users you want tested, 10/50/100/500/1000 (up to […]

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Cheri says a faster Woo Commerce site is leading to more sales

Cherri owns an online store – selling retro clothes – peachy. As she spent more time advertising her store, the site spent more time crashing and going slower. This lead to a halt in online sales growth. Cheri know her eCommerce numbers – and has observed a dramatic uptick in online sales since moving to […]

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Case Study – WooCommerce shop optimized by moving to premium wpDone hosting – more customers more sales

I had the pleasure of working with Cheri from https://www.cheribombretro.com/. Previously her site was on a ‘business plan’ of a Crazy Domains – their cloud solution with 300% more performance … mmmmmm   She was fed up with trying to keep the site working. It was constantly crashing , and causing her customers a lot of […]

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Optimizing WordPress and WooCommerce for thousands of products

Even though WooCommerce is immensely popular it struggles when you add thousands of products. Here is how we optimize for our customers. We recently had a customer who plonked 85,000 products into their database (thanks woo commerce import pro !). Our first observation, the pages were slow, starting at about 1.4 seconds per page. Then […]

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