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speed up your NetRegistry hosting by 500% for free

NetRegistry hosting isn’t very fast. But with this little tweak you can get reasonable performance. You can ask support to do it for you, but there is about 5 simple clicks to do it yourself. The defaults at netregistry are not very good. They are old, slow and easily hacked. My test site http://netregistryreview.wpdone.com.au was taking around […]

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I published my book – Fast WordPress Hosting – how to get the most out of your WordPress hosting

It’s 70 pages – so it’s thorough. It does get fairly technical and a bit dry, but I’ve tried to make it a friendly read. It’s available on both kindle and as a pdf download. There is some introductory pricing for June here. This book is aimed at helping you make your WordPress website faster […]

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Your slow WordPress web hosting is losing you customers

A lot of people check a few things when they are choosing their webhosting, including : price – cheaper is cool support – like when something goes wrong, there is someone to help nothing – yes, I’ll accept the hosting that comes with my website build Not a lot of people consider how the performance […]

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WordPress plugin to show how fast your WordPress website is, and your WordPress Hosting is

I hate slow web sites , and it’s a bit tough to actually know how a site is actually going. Things happen like its quick when you checked, and cached, but later when your not looking its slower, or the hosting guys server goes slower . I am thinking of making a WordPress plugin to […]

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