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Why Aussie’s need to stop using Cloudflare caching

Cloudflare was a great product, and we’ve been using it, and recommending it for a few years now. Alas,¬†we are now recommending against it’s usage. Instead of speeding up website access, Cloudflare is often slower. It seems Cloudflare have made some changes that impact Aussies and Aussie websites. To be fair, it’s not every Aussie, […]

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why you should NOT be adjusting expires and cache-control headers for pagespeed insights and on your WordPress website

Intro To Expires Headers Lots of people are onto using Google’s pagespeed insight and gtmetrix, You’ll often get a results saying some URLs need an expires header. It will be dragging down your score, and you hate the big fat F … FAIL .. Loser score you get attributed. But what do these expires headers […]

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Automatically optimized WordPress

At WPdone we believe in automating as much as possible, and obviously we believe in fast WordPress web sites. Do you spend time on every site you work on making it faster ? optimizing images optimizing images for desktop and mobile, and thumbnails adding plugins for images adding a plugin for a CDN optimizing css/js […]

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