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the hidden https slowdown no one knows about, adding 1 second to WordPress page load times, and how to fix it

So you have https enabled on your site, or you’re thinking about it. If you are selling stuff – obviously https is a must have. But if your WordPress site is largely marketing – there is the promise of better google SEO rankings for https sites, so more folk are moving to HTTPS. Before you […]

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No More White Screen of Death plugin for WordPress

I am looking for feedback on my idea. You know how you get those annoying white screens of death on WordPress now and again ? And you have to check plugins, check the database, see what update has screwed what. And you may or may not have a client breathing down your neck. What if […]

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When to step up from web hosting to VPS, dedicated or cloud/clustered ?

Shared Web Hosting Shared Web-hosting is the cheapest, bottom of the barrel hosting for wordpress out there. You get a single cpanel account, no support, and poor performance. Shared Web hosting often has 1000:1 contention ratio or worse. There is 1000 other websites trying to compete with you for server resources. I say ‘no support’ […]

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