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Faster multi threaded clamscan for whm and cpanel

I found daily clamscan took longer and longer. Eventually it was taking all weekend, then all week. The default scanning scans 1 domain at a time. My servers have SSD and multi cores – and can easily handle a bunch of clamscans at once. But you don’t want to over tax your server – with […]

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An Aussie marketplace for WordPress websites and task help

I’m thinking of creating a marketplace that connects Aussie Business’s with local Aussie web developers to help create/fix/update their WordPress website. I’m a believer in keeping work on-shore. Helping your mate (or someone’s mate). Spending local. Helping fellow Aussies. And in return getting a better result. Overall – I think you end up getting more […]

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Bash command-line scripts to add standard plugins as a template for new WordPress development

Everytime you start a new project, you want a standard set of plugins. Instead of a click marathon, use a script like this   If you’re a standard user, use the following code.   for name in wp-hosting-performance-check p3-profiler advanced-cron-manager do /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php /usr/local/bin/wp-cli.phar –skip-themes –skip-plugins plugin install ${name} /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php /usr/local/bin/wp-cli.phar –skip-themes –skip-plugins plugin activate ${name} […]

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announcing new cpanel plugin to stop hackers writing files to WordPress websites

Everyone is always trying to stop hackers, with WordPress plugins, or 3rd party services – and the hacks still get in (and plugins are a hassle to maintain). Have you ever noticed your WordPress only got hacked when you weren’t watching ? How did they get in anyway ? And how did they write all those hacked […]

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How to ensure your WordPress post and pages images work on Facebook

Ever posted your WordPress URL on facebook, and some of these happen: the wrong image appears on facebook the menu image for mobile appears on facebook no image appears on facebook you have a text only blog post, and you want your logo to appear on facebook, but alas nothing appears you change your image […]

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WPdone now has 1 click cpanel account transfer without whm root access

I think we’re a first in doing this. We’ve written a self service cpanel plugin, that can transfer a cpanel account from another host with 1 click. Previously you’d have to have whm root access to transfer accounts. With this plugin, you can pull a cpanel account from a web host into our staging environment […]

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What small business need to know about building their first website

There are a lot of people out there building websites. What advise to take My best advise is don’t take advise from someone that only does 1 thing. Sure, when your ready to buy their solution they’ll be great at it. But don’t ask a guy with a hammer if you should use a nail […]

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WordPress plugin to show how fast your WordPress website is, and your WordPress Hosting is

I hate slow web sites , and it’s a bit tough to actually know how a site is actually going. Things happen like its quick when you checked, and cached, but later when your not looking its slower, or the hosting guys server goes slower . I am thinking of making a WordPress plugin to […]

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What small business need to know before they spend money on their wordpress website.

WordPress is somewhere between flexible, and not, user friendly and not. WordPress is not popular because it’s hands down the best. It is a good balance between free, well supported, rich features, community support, supports developers, modern and easy to use. WordPress is a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. If you don’t expect […]

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What small business needs to know about wordpress web hosting

The more I see wordpress webhosting the more I can’t believe how poor the industry treats clients and their websites. This is a guide, to try to help small business owners navigate quotes for wordpress hosting. Shared web hosting accounts for almost all website quotes. If they don’t say it’s shared hosting, it still probably […]

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Practical Small Business wordpress website security precautions

WordPress is very popular, and small business love the flexibility and features. Here is why wordpress is risky for small business  it takes years to gain the experience and skills required to actively defend a wordpress website. Now what small business owner wants to put the time and effort into learning wordpress ? blah small business […]

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Remove revolution slider from your site, or get hacked.

Revolution slider is a popular wordpress plugin. A slider does funky things on your home page with images and text and slides them around – hence the name. I hate the revolution slider as it super slow anyway. Revolution slider is a premium plugin, and should be paid for. Some wordpress developers slip it onto […]

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Netregistry wordpress site disaster

I am helping a net registry customer with hacked wordpress The cpanel account has been banned twice in 2 days. And they force you to answer an email to the admin. I found out they have 5 days of backup on cpanel accounts. So after 5 days they delete your backups. So if it takes […]

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