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WordPress Bot Analysis now available in my free WordPress plugin

My free plugin from wordpress.org now includes a Bot Analysis. Bots , good and bad, take up hosting resources. Most WordPress website owners have no idea how many resources are being eaten by bots. Some WordPress website owners are savvy enough to block the worst of the bots. Even those folk won’t have any idea […]

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Stop WordPress login attempts before they reach php

Everyone that’s run a WordPress site, or runs a VPS, knows the pain of DDoS repeated¬†login attempts stealing all your CPU. ¬†What if you could block the hits before they hit WordPress and php ? Below is some information you can use on either: a border layer 7 tool, like a load balancer a border […]

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Why is my WordPress shared web hosting breaking, my hosting company is asking me to upgrade

WordPress hosting is a complicated subject. A lot of people are wooed with low monthly prices for shared web hosting. These accounts are not usually optimized for hosting WordPress web sites. The hosting company doesn’t tell you , but the resources available to running your website are limited. When these resources run out, your site […]

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