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2 seconds page load globally using WordPress website content accelerator

My client had a valuable landing page, and it was loading slow internationally. Slow enough that people let him know – it started at a load time of 12+ seconds. This is largely due to it being https, international, and he has a heavy theme with 94 assets on the page. But just installing my […]

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wpDone Cache keeps your WordPress website running no matter what

Imagine a super librarian with an enormous brain (complete with wire rimmed glasses). The super librarian can remember any page a user reads. Every word, every picture. If another person asks for the same page – the super librarian says ‘no worries, and reads out it from memory’. If they haven’t read that page before, […]

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WordPress zero plugin, no hosting change, service for website speedup – CDN + security +caching + optimization + reliable

At wpDone we’ve come up with a solution to help those with slow WordPress websites, with smallish WordPress hosting setups. This is a real GAME CHANGER. No need to change your hosting provider. No need to install a plugin. If you have shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, or struggling with too many options for […]

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