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WordPress hosting done right. done fast. done secure


WordPress zero plugin, no hosting change, service for website speedup – CDN + security +caching + optimization + reliable

At wpDone we’ve come up with a solution to help those with slow WordPress websites, with smallish WordPress hosting setups.

This is a real GAME CHANGER. No need to change your hosting provider. No need to install a plugin.

If you have shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, or struggling with too many options for your VPS, this will help you.

Ever had a slow WordPress website ? tired of trying plugins, mucking with images, trying to learn about varnish and CDNs? And changing hosting providers is just too hard, and unlikely to help anyway.

What if it was all auto-magical ? and you just built the WordPress site, we waved our magic wand, and your site just went … fast, safe, reliable. No need for you to endlessly optimize, secure, cache your site.


We’ve engineered a zero plugin WordPress CDN, for $4.95/month/domain. This gives you unlimited usage, unlimited bandwidth. We will have some conditions (like no adult sites, and anyone intentionally abusing it, but most business sites we’ll leave as unlimited). We have a yearly plan for $49/year, $99 forever – both with a price guarantee, if we reduce prices, we’ll refund the difference.

You keep your hosting where ever you have it now – and just change the www dns record to our cdn server.

If you aren’t sure, a CDN helps your WordPress website go faster. The CDN holds your images/css/js on a faster server, that is closer to your users, so the WordPress website loads faster.

The 3 headliners :

  • Performance
    • CDN
    • caching
    • Image optimization
    • less than 100ms page response times
    • roughly 2 second page load times
  • Security
    • we provide the firewall
    • DDoS protection
    • WAF – url hacking checking
  • Reliability
    • we have a cluster of servers, across 3 data centres
    • error 404/500 protection – if your WordPress breaks, your site visitors will still get pages
    • hosting crash protection – even if your hosting goes down completely , your website will still be up
    • ever seen a wordpress page go down ? just a white screen, or a database connection error message. You get protection from most ‘site down’ scenarios, even if you screw up your database

What you get:

  • automatic configuration – no need to understand any of the technology, or configure any settings
  • NO WordPress plugins to install – makes it super easy to install and maintain
  • a CDN for images, css, js – makes your site super fast
  • automatic image optimization
    • your images will be smaller and load faster
    • they will be resized correctly for mobile
    • no need for thumbnail plugins in WordPress
  • security – to keep your site safe from hackers
    • we provide 3 levels of firewalls for your content
    • including hardware firewalls, software firewall, and a WAF
    • a WAF checks each web url and web user – and protects your site from hackers
    • no more need to install firewall plugins in WordPress
  • DDoS protection
    • this is a fancy attack from an internet hacker/bot gang – normally your hosting would break, or your hosting company will just disable your account
    • we can handle 1000’s X times more hits than standard hosting – so your site won’t go down
    • if in the unlikely event we get a DDoS attack that is too large, we can
      • fan out the hits to our cluster,
      • increase the number of servers in the cluster
      • increase the caching time (the ttl) – so we update the pages less
      • we use the amazon AWS internet, that has 10gbit internet connections, so that can absorb a LOT of hits
      • we trash a lot of attack hits in our security, if they are rubbish hits, the WAF and firewall will end up dropping the hits
      • or in an uber emergency, we can send the hits back to the originating hosting. This is our failsafe, if everything goes wrong, we just let the hits go back to your normal hosting
  • TV / reddit / slashdot protection
    • sometimes you end up on TV, or a post on reddit goes crazy, and your site gets like 1000 times busier than normal. No worries, we can handle that no problem.
    • slashdot is sort of like an older reddit
  • error protection
    • if your WordPress website breaks we’ll keep delivering web pages from our cache
    • even if your hosting is broken, and it has error 500, we’ll keep giving web pages to your web visitors
    • no matter what happens – your web visitors will be able to see your site
  • web page acceleration – makes your website go faster
    • we deliver the most recent page we have for your user, so its super fast. We don’t even wait for WordPress/php to calculate your page.
    • then we retrieve a new copy from your webserver
    • the assumption is if your hosting is slow, the older page delivered fast to your user, is better than waiting for the new page
    • normally WordPress/php takes about 300ms-1200ms to generate a web page. Our server takes on average 1ms to deliver that same page.
    • you can use whatever hideously slow WordPress plugin you like, and as many plugins as you like, and we’ll make your website appear super fast
    • you can hit reload on a web page, and it will deliver the new page anyway
  • Easy management
    • no WordPress plugin
    • remove all your CDN, caching, security, minify, image plugins
    • just make your WordPress site look good and work, we’ll make it fast, safe, reliable

With our solution, you can remove the following types of plugins:

  • caching plugins, like w3 total cache, WP super cache
  • security plugins, like wordfence
  • thumbnail plugins
  • minify plugins

For the super techy , we’re using :

  • CloudFlare CDN
  • varnish cache to
    • cache dynamic pages – if error 4xx or 5xx occurs, we continue to deliver the most recent successful page
    • cache images/js/css (which just gets cached by CloudFlare anyway)
  • mod_pagespeed, which does a few things :
    • page optimization
    • image optimization
    • longer caching times for static objects
      • default 1 year for static objects
      • uses a checksum to determine newer objects, and clear the cached object automatically
      • this doubly helps with cloudflare
    • mobile optimization
    • inlining of css and images
    • reordering of images, js, css
    • some css/js minifying (but we’ve kept that to a minimum for compatiability)
  • we’ll be using our 3 data centre cluster, including Amazon AWS (our beta is on a vmware clustered server currently).

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