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Unhackable Guarantee

We guarantee your site will never get hacked. Yes , no kidding, we guarantee it.

WordPress is notorious for being hacked. Old and outdated plugins and themes are probably the worst culprits.

Then there are the gangs of password guessing machines out there, that guess thousands of passwords an hour, attempting to hack your site.

There are botnets (a network of computer bots centrally controlled by hackers) that automate hacking attempts on million of websites a day. This is how they make their botnot bigger, by adding your website to their botnet. They probe/test your website looking for known security holes.

So how do you stay away from all this ? WPdone have a layer of security servers, and other secuirty features, that stop all this hacking. This will keep your WordPress website safe.

We have several layers of security to ensure your site will never be hacked.

We put our money where our mouth is – with a $1,000 no hack guarantee

*of course  conditions apply

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