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What should I expect from the production cluster ?

The first time you push a site to production a few things might be different.

Firstly, the first visit to each page type will be noticeably slower. We use a php compiling technology from facebook, called HHVM, that does a lot of thinking ahead of time, in order to make each web visitor page impression super fast.

Secondly, our security might kick in, your page will appear as blank, or an error 404. Log a support request and we’ll review that immediately for you.

Thirdly, we use google’s mod pagespeed. This also crunches pages, and makes them smaller, and more optimized. You’ll see URLs of images/css/js change to include pagespeed. Some URLs might disappear completely as pagespeed puts some images inside the webpage.

And lastly, your site should go faster, be more reliable, and never get hacked.

There is also a plugin in the cpanel interface, under wpdone, called ‘speed report’ – this shows how superfast your site is for customers.

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