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WordPress hosting done right. done fast. done secure


WordPress hosting for professional agencies without the system admin headaches.

Internet Usage

Internet Usage

website storage

website storage

Super Fast Page Load

super fast
page load

aussie based

aussie based

unhackable security


easy cPanel Access

cpanel access



  • 6 levels of security. Most hosting providers have no security, or a single firewall.
  • we investigate every click, and actively stop hackers
  • we ban the worst culprits
  • and of course, we have our $1,000 unhackable guarantee


  • your wordpress site will run on multiple servers
  • if 1 server breaks, or goes slow, another server takes over
  • the servers are at multiple physical locations, in case there is a local calamity
  • we actively check each component on each server, if some component is not working, your site will use a working component on another server
  • all other web hosting and VPS are on a single server, in a single datacentre, just waiting for something to break
  • clustered wordpress web server, your site runs from at least 3 web servers.
  • clustered database, your site runs on 6 database servers.
  • replicated file system. Each server has a copy of the wordpress files.
  • clustered memory cache. The memory cache is 2 level, across 6 servers.
  • clustered security manager. Runs on 3 or more servers.
  • clustered load balancers. We have layers of load balancers, each layer has 3 or more duplicates.
  • clustered data centres. Your site is on servers in 3 data centres.
  • autonomous smart routing around failed components, without marking an entire server or datacentre as offline.


  • each layer of our wordpress hosting is tweaked for speed
  • we use memory caching to remember previous hits on your pages
  • we use a CDN to cache content
  • we use technology from google and facebook to accelerate your wordpress
  • 5 levels of acceleration, including CDN, cloudflare railgun, in memory caching, page optimization, php acceleration
  • CDN acceleration with cloudflare
  • cloudflare optimized partner, 5 x faster page loading than standard CDN
  • live image resizing, and compression, smaller images, images resized for each device - so smaller images for mobile devices
  • page optimization for each specific browser, css and js optimization, using mod pagespeed from google
  • memory caching of all your wordpress pages and blog entries
  • optimized mysql database
  • clustered, across 3+ servers
  • php compilation from facebook technology




/ month

Hosting , with 1gb storage limit.
Ticket based support, or paid phone support.

Appropriate for those who know what they are doing.

* plus GST




Take your wordpress site seriously ? we will. Get premium hosting for your business.
Want unlimited cloud resources, unlimited usage ? wpDone has you covered.
Includes 'support concierge' , and our focus on keeping your site up and running, fast and secure.

* plus GST



/ month

Hosting , plus upgrade and maintenance to the latest version.
Keep your site vibrant, relevant, and keep it protectected.

You maintain your house, without maintenance it eventually falls into ruin. Your WordPress website is the same, and needs to be replace after a few years if it's not maintained.

* plus GST



/ month

Silver Hosting , plus a lending hand each month.
Our team helps you with 2 free small tasks each months.
Keep your site vibrant, and relevant.

This will help your site keep pace with your business, and give you hand with the technical stuff. Help with blog posts, or images, or facebook not working - don't let your website be a drag get our team on your side.

* plus GST



/ site / month
10 + sites

Need somewhere to plonk a bunch of wordpress websites ? You want them looked after, fast, good security, reliable ? wpDone have got you covered.
Sick of trying to manage a VPS ? development and staging sites ? fixing the server and backups late at night ? here - take my hand - we'll help you out.
But wait, you still want to make a few $$$ reselling to your clients ? why not take up our wholesale offer ? wpDone will also refer any direct customers to our wholesale partners.

* plus GST

Aussie Medium to Large corporates



We'll still give you unlimited resources. But corporates need a little more loving, so this plan includes more support.
Each additional site is $200/month.

* plus GST



/ month

Enterprises need fast, reliable and secure wordpress too. But you're more likely to have other requirements, existing infrastructure, privacy issues, corporate governance, plus you like to do stuff yourself.
wpDone will help you setup your own cluster, based on your requirements and constraints. We'll help you monitor and defend your infrastructure, and have monthly reviews.

* plus GST


Become one of our new success stories, and get your mug on our home page.

Since www.wpdone.com.au started hosting our website over a year ago, we have never looked back. We noticed the increased speed in the website immediately and it has been consistently fast. Prior to moving to www.wpdone.com.au we were experiencing numerous hacking attempts on a daily basis to our website. The security at www.wpdone.com.au has no equal, we have never received a hacking attempt since moving to them. We highly recommend www.wpdone.com.au
Marisa Lo Certo
Owner / Artilux
Dear Scott,
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being such an incredible support with my recent website dilemma. It’s so easy to go along and hope for the best and assume your website will function well at all times, but when something did go wrong it was beyond fantastic to have you on my team. The way you jumped straight onto the task, communicated the whole way through, offered options and recommendations for resolution and even that you’re based in my time zone (thank goodness for great Aussie businesses) meant the issue was cleared up promptly and I felt so incredibly supported. I will most definitely be recommending wpdone.com.au to every other person who values their web page and it’s security. With heartfelt thanks for your professional support and incredible knowledge and skill.
In good health
Bee Pennington
Scott i had a read and excellent book. I finished it already and have started implementing some things into my current website and clients websites too. Im also using your hosting check plugin which is a great resource to have - thanks. Highly recommend reading Scott's book.
Peter Nelson
I am looking at it right now and almost speechless. The speed is so much better, holy hell! It’s SO fast! Additionally, Is there anywhere I can leave you a review? I am utterly blown away by your promptness and customer service. I’m already seeing the page consumption of single users greatly increasing (I live on google analytics real time) I’m going to unthrottle the advertising now so we can see what happens (also – being able to watch 12 people on the site without errors at once… blissssss!) After a year of testing to see whether I had a viable business idea, I had enough traffic on my inadequate, overcrowded, shared hosting to upgrade before the user experience took a real hit due to lag, lack of responsiveness and general frustration with speed. Scott and his team not only migrated my site to the new servers in an incredibly short time (think hours not days), they worked solidly to sort out a particularly tricky issue with my admin panel. Immediately I saw a vast improvement in my Pagespeed and YSLOW scores and my page fully loaded time decreased from almost 40 seconds to 7.3 seconds. Since then, I have watched traffic that I was otherwise missing flock to my site! 10/10 would recommend to WPDONE any small business who wants the flexibility of wordpress/woo on a superfast reliable host. Thanks Guys!
Cheri Bomb


We bring together some really smart tech and partners. Cloudflare for super fast and flexible CDN and security, Amazon for extra servers. We also use technology that facebook uses to run their sites, and tech from google as well hosting tech from wordpress.com.

Amazon Web Services


really ? with all the clustering, speed, security, reliability, and all the other stuff

Email or call, and we can arrange a time to chat call 0412 927156 or GET STARTED