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preparation list for migrated sites

  1. turn off your caching plugins
    • we don’t support plugins that write to disk
    • we do however support anything that uses memcached, so we do support w3tc using memcached page cache
    • we don’t support object caching (they generally aren’t cluster aware).
    • database caching to memcached does work, but it doesn’t help the speed much
    • we find our servers are so fast, that you won’t require caching in most cases
  2. turn off your CDN
    • in most cases a CDN is not required
    • we use memory caching, which is as good as a CDN, for Aussie websites, for Aussie customers.
    • we use cloudflare as  CDN – but there are some cloudflare short falls
  3. we don’t support plugins that write to disk in production
    • we’ve seen some themes write css cache to disk
    • we’ve seen some plugins writing their own database to disk
    • writing to disk during wp-admin is OK
    • if your comfortable with command line, use this command to see if your wordpress is writing to disk
      • find ./ -mtime -1    (this asks linux, for any files written in the last day)
  4. Turn off backup plugins
    • especially those writing to disk locally
    • you’ll see in cpanel that we keep a lot of backups for you
    • if your writing to dropbox or similar, that is OK
    • read more info on backups
  5. Turn off your firewall plugins
    • our security is super tight you don’t need them
    • we use mod_security which is doing as good or better job than the plugin
    • we use a read-only WordPress system, so that hacks can’t be written to your site
    • you can leave the firewall plugins installed if you like

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