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Do I get a free cpanel account ?

Yes, you do ,  you get a free cpanel account to match each paid wordpress install.

Wholesale customers get a reseller account.

It does include all the cpanel features, but it’s meant to only host wordpress websites.

We encourage you to use it as your DNS server. We have 3 clustered DNS servers.

We have the cloudflare plugin installed as well. The cloudflare plugin will sign up your to cloudflare, and direct the traffic back to the production website cluster. There is a simple button to turn off cloudflare if its causing an issue.

You can use email and other features on cpanel, but we discourage it, and support is limited. We recommend you use gmail. You can setup a ’email forwarder’ in cpanel, that will forward your email to your gmail account.

If you start doing things we dont like, we’ll have a chat to you. Like storing gobs of email, or uploading a backup of your family photos.

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