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What backups are there ?

Currently we are focussing mostly on backing up staging. This is what we are doing for staging :

  • We do full cpanel account backups daily – that are stored on a different server. We are doing daily for 30 days, 4 weeklys, and 12 monthlys. This means you can go back as far as a year, and recover your data. You can manually download these backups from your cpanel account if required.
  • For our resellers to show a bit extra love, we can send all your account backups offsite to your choosing – ftp, amazon s3, dropbox, scp, sftp. As you add/remove accounts they are automatically added to your offsite backup – no need to touch a thing. Just let us know where you want your data sent. We can also use our own amazon s3 account if you’d like, and we can give you web access to that.
  • the accounts backups are stored on our SAN using RAID storage.
  • we are sending all the accounts backups offsite as well, just in case.
  • plus the cpanel server is on our SAN, and it has daily snapshot backups, with offsite copies.
  • You can download these backups through cpanel, and restore files yourself
  • or you can submit a support task, and we can restore the files for you
  • Soon we’ll have a self support cpanel plugin to restore these backups

For production

  • There are nightly ‘restore points’ created for the live/production WordPress sites. This includes the WordPres files, contents, and database.
  • Every time you update the live server from your staging server, we add another ‘restore point’.
  • We have a cpanel plugin you can use to instantly recover these restore points. So if you send a new site from staging to production, and its an oops, just recover to the known working restore  point.
  • Again we have  30 days, 4 weeklys, and 12 monthlys. And we can automate offsite copies for resellers.
  • The portion in our own data centre is in snapshots, and offsite replication
  • the portion that is in amazon also has snapshots, and is sent to amazon s3

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