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Terms & Conditions

wpdone.com.au provides hosting services to their customers under the following Terms of Service. By creating an account on wpdone.com.au you are accepting these terms. wpdone.com.au reserves the right to modify these terms without notice.

WPdone is a WordPress hosting company

Although we run in an environment where multiple various content management systems and frameworks could be used, our customers are allowed to run only websites based on WordPress .

We do, however, allow additional scripts and products to be used in conjuction with your WordPress site without any guarantee, such as advertising servers and a stat-collection scripts. These products must be an essential part of your WordPress site, so you may not, for example, run an independent ad-serving network, or a SugarCRM instance, but you could easily run a WordPress-based CRM if you need one.

Service-level Agreement

WPdone provides a 100% uptime guarantee calculated on a monthly basis. If your WordPress site is down for more than 10 minutes in any given month, you’re entitled to SLA credits for the entire month. However, please note that the SLA does not apply for outages caused by third-party plugins or themes, customer code and actions, although our support team will be happy to help fix the breakage in a timely manner.

To receive SLA credits please open a support request in your WPdone Control Panel.

Abuse, Spam, Porn, etc.

You are not allowed to use the WPdone platform for spam, abuse, pornography and other activities illegal in Australia . wpDone is not responsible for any content hosted on our customer’s sites unless explicitly uploaded by a WPdone.com.au employee. You are not allowed to host copyrighted content. Any incoming DMCA request will be forwarded to the e-mail address associated with your account and you’ll be given five days to comply with the request or file a counter-request.

Non Australian government requests will also be forwarded to the e-mail address on file, however, you reserve the right to not comply with such requests at your own risk.

Payment & Refund Policy

All WPdone plans are billed monthly in credits at the beginning of the next cycle. If at that time your account balanced is less than the necessary amount, you will be given fifteen days to top up your WPdone.com.au credits account. After fifteen days we’ll contact reseller or enterprise customer by phone. After 30 days we’ll suspend your account. All payments on WPdone are processed by a third-party (paypal). WPdone never stores your credit card information.

WPDone offers a refund policy for new customers only, and on the small business plan only. If you are unhappy with the WPdone service within 30 days after account activation, you may contact support and ask for a refund.

Account Suspension

WPdone reserves the right to suspend accounts in case of a violation of the Terms of Service. Please contact support for access to account backups.

Unhackable Guarantee

We guarantee your site will never be hacked. The following conditions apply:

  • this includes your site in production, on our live cluster. It specifically excludes the staging server.
  • you need to have reasonably followed our guidelines on this site, including FAQs. Your site will need to at least 1 of out security measures, be on our live cluster, using ‘php read only jail’, or wpImmortal.
  • you need to provide notice of the hack within 7 days
  • you cannot hack your own site, or hire a 3rd party to hack your site. If we find you’ve setup a site mainly to access the guarantee this will be excluded.
  • we don’t accept penetration tests, without prior notice. There is a fee for this.
  • your account needs to be current in its payments
  • if the hack was caused by your staff, contractors, or persons you control this will be excluded
  • if the site was previously hacked it will be excluded
  • we will pay out a limit of $1,000 once per reseller, or if you aren’t under a reseller once per customer. You agree that any further damages, actual or liquidated, however caused will be limited by this guarantee payment.

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