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Enterprise Plan

Enterprises need fast, reliable and secure WordPress too. But you’re more likely to have other requirements, existing infrastructure, privacy issues, corporate governance, existing hosting, plus you like to do stuff yourself.

What you don’t have is deep experience with WordPress/linux/hosting , how to manage multiple WordPress installs, how to manage staging for WordPress, how to maximize its uptime, how to secure WordPress.

wpDone will help you setup your own cluster, based on your requirements and constraints. We’ll help you monitor and defend your infrastructure, and have monthly reviews.

Our aim is to help and give as much as you need. We want you to end up with a platform that is easy to maintain, fits with what your currently doing, performs well, and is secure.

How we help you:

  • initial review of your requirements
    • map out a strategy/design, with you, that fits your corporate aims
    • work with your contraints, corporate governance
    • report on recommendations
    • presentation of recommendations and review
  • advise as and when required,by email and phone
  • access to our IP (intellectual property) for managing our hosting for your use
    • access to our recipes for docker for all our software stack
    • recipes for haproxy, mod_security,┬ámonitoring
    • performance technology, including mod_pagespeed, memcached clusters, hhvm configuration
    • access to security technology
  • monthly video chat to attend a review meeting
  • quarterly onsite sydney visit in lieu of monthly chat
  • emergency assistance as required


$999/month +gst 36 month contract

$1,600/month +gst 12 month contract

includes 25% discount on the corporate hosting plan

Email or call, and we can arrange a time to chat call 0412927156 or CONTACT US TODAY!