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Agency WordPress VPS plan details


This is no ordinary VPS. It is fully decked out with all the bells and whistles – all aimed at running WordPress for your clients – in a fast, efficient and secure manner. No addons needed. The WordPress VPS will handle about 100-200 client WordPress websites.

The VPS has been optimized for WordPress. The correct software, versions, whm/cpanel settings.

The plan is made for your agency to host WordPress websites, with ease, speed , safety and good support.

We supply the best of breed software, so you don’t need to investigate and learn everything – no need to boil the ocean, we’ve already done that.

Yes – it’s an expensive VPS option – but it has everything installed already and paid for, it is WordPress optimized, and has no half measures. We don’t have ‘add ons’ and extra costs. You will have confidence that the WordPress websites that you host will be safe, fast, and trouble free.

wpDone will help you manage the software that WordPress relies on.

The plan includes backup software, backup space, and self managed backup restores.


We use industry standard cpanel. Most agencies have experience with cpanel, and most of your contractors will also. Cpanel makes managing your site a snap – creating email accounts, ftp accounts, backups, editing files, transfering to/from other hosts that use cpanel.

We deploy our WordPress security and performance automatically for you. So you don’t need to add and manage plugins.

  • we deploy our wpDone rocket cache plugin. It has good defaults – and you never need to touch it (unless you like fiddling around).
  • we deploy server wide firewall with support for blocking DDoS and hack attempts. You’ll never get completely locked out – simply log into cpanel, and pass a captcha challenge. We deploy CSF and umunify360.
  • we do the backups for you.


Your client’s WordPress websites will be super speedy with our automatically installed wpDone rocket cache plugin.

We use the latest database server, and SSD disks. We’ve tuned the database specifically for WordPress. This makes WordPress websites fly.

We use the latest php 7, and php-fpm. Again, this makes your WordPress website really fast.

Plus every website on the server has resources limited – we use cloudlinux to achieve this. This helps the server from being over stressed by a single client and impacting the performance for other clients. It’s a fair way to manage resources and expectations, and we are upfront about the limits we set (see below).


We use 2 levels of firewalls; both hardware and software firewalls.

Then we use a few intrusion hacking detection tools, including:

  • mod_security – this looks for hackers, and has specific rules for WordPress
  • OssSec – this is intrusion detection software
  • lfd – looking for repeat offenders
  • custom rules – to block attacks that include WordPress password guessing
  • AI and reputation rules – to block known offenders and attack patterns
  • grey list – In the case your activities trip certain rules, you are not completely blocked. If you pass a captcha challenge you are allowed to access the site.
  • maldet – to detect virus and hacked files
  • clamav and mailscanner – to block virus and spam email
  • hardened php – features used for hacking are removed from php
  • yes – that’s a lot of security, but it saves a lot of support , grief and embarrassment

We include imunify360 to co-ordinate all the security – so it’s largely self managed – and you don’t need to click a thing.

We do a lot of backups on your behalf, and you can access those backups. You’ll be able to self-support restoring files or the WordPress database with a click of your mouse.


You are provided with 8 CPUs , 8 Gb of RAM, 100Gb SSD storage, 2000 Gb of internet transfer.

The disk storage is 100Gb for /home/ for user data and databases. We estimate this is enough for roughly 100-200 WordPress websites.

We include the backup space required.

We help manage your server as well. And we’ll give you access to newrelic dashboard, that shows overall server usage levels, and php/mysql/cpu/hits per WordPress website. This really helps zero in on problem WordPress websites, and why it’s going slow.

We install CloudLinux for you, and set some reasonable limits. Cloudlinux ensures 1 greedy WordPress website doesn’t swamp all the other sites on the server.

We’ll help you setup whmcs with your own licence.

We’ve had 3rd party testing show that these resources can handle 1000 users in 15 seconds – which is way more performance than you’ll ever need :


You have access to ticket based support, and your agency staff has phone access to our 3rd tech support staff.

WpDone’s resposibility extends to running the server and the backups. We assist you with the main features. We’ll help you recover the server in the event of a disaster.

For any changes outside of what wpDone provides you’ll be able to log support requests to cPanel support, and cloudlinux support.

We’ll deploy our ‘support concierge’ for you. You’ll need a paid up uptimerobot account.

You are responsible for the running of each WordPress site, it’s performance and security. Our support can assist you in recovering a backup. Our bigger plans – we are responsible for everything, including supporting WordPress performance and security, and helping getting a broken WordPress to be repaired.

Email or call, and we can arrange a time to chat call 0412927156 or CONTACT US TODAY!