Making WordPress websites immortal

This gives you unlimited usage, unlimited bandwidth. It gives you super speed, super security, image and page optimization, ultimate reliability.

You keep your hosting where you have it currently, no plugins, no code changes, and just change the www dns record to our cdn server.

No need to fiddle with plugins for security, caching, CDN, image resizing, image optimization, thumbnails. No need to spend half your life trying to make WordPress sites to go faster, let us do all that auto magically.

What you don't need to do

  • No need to change your hosting provider
  • No need to install a plugin
  • No need to learn about varnish and CDNs
  • No need to mess with setting to optimise your site for speed

What you do need to do

  • Simply change the www dns record to our cdn server
  • Yep thats it!... other than pay one of our ridiculously low fees.
If you aren't sure, a CDN helps your WordPress website go faster. The CDN holds your images/css/js on a faster server, that is closer to your users, so the page loads faster.
Still unsure about how good this game changer is? Check out the simple* details below
* If you are a super technical read the tech specs here


  • CDN - to speed up images/css/js
  • caching - to speed up pages
  • Image optimization - make images even faster
  • less than 100ms page response times
  • roughly 2 second page load times


  • we have a cluster of servers, across 3 data centres
  • error 500 protection - if your WordPress breaks, your site visitors will still get pages
  • hosting crash protection - even if your hosting goes down completely , your website will still be up


  • we provide the firewall - to stop internet nasties
  • DDoS protection - to stop super attacks
  • WAF - url hacking checking
  • free SSL - we provide SSL/https security for your site
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