How You Can Protect Your Data From WannaCry Ransomware Attack?

The average ransom demanded is approximate $1000, according to an analysis published in September by Trend Micro. "It seems it can be up to $4,000"

Best Ways To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attack

  • The main defense against ransomware is good backups, that includes keeping older backups. We keep 100 backups for clients, including daily/weekly/monthly backups, and we keep monthly backups forever.
  • Most of our competitors keep no customer backups, and you need to create and manage your own backups. 
  • Keeping only a few backups, or keeping backups for a few days is no defense against ransomware. By the time the ransom is demanded you'll find you need more backups. You need to backup often, and keep a long history of backups.

Protect Your Online Business From Ransomware!

5 Shocking Facts about Ransomware You Need to Know

1- The FBI and Law Enforcement cannot help you

2- The average ransomware payment is around $1,000

3- The ransomware Cryptowall 3.0 has profited over $325 million

4- Adobe Flash is to blame for recent Ransomware spread

5- Ransomware is also hitting Linux and OSX

Protect Your Online Business From Ransomware