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Scalable WordPress hosting

The idea is to pay for what resources you use.

Traditionally, hosting either gives you :

  • a cheap price, shared hosting, and when you use too many resources – your site crashes, or goes super slow
  • you pay per visitor, and pay a premium
  • you buy a VPS , pay for too much capacity, and still sometimes run into limited resources

My idea is to allow you :

  • deploy WordPress with the correct resources
  • pay for fractional resources – like 0.1 CPUs per month.
  • add and pay for additional resources, like extra RAM for caching for your database
  • pay for the actual resources used during the month
  • pay per support call. instead of paying every month for support and not using it.
  • everything runs on Amazon AWS – so it’s fast/secure/reliable.

Ability to scale larger sites

  • have your WooCommerce or larger blog scale over several servers
  • again, pay for the actual resources used

Automated environment

  • automated backup (you set how often, and pay for the storage at AWS S3 rates)
  • automated recovery (if we detect issues, a hack, server broken, we recover your most recent backup)

Highly secure

  • hardened servers
  • hardened php
  • DDoS protection (especially helpful so you don’t pay for all those DDoS hits)
  • anti-malware software
  • internet firewall
  • optional WAF (web application firewall)


  • A small static site, single-server deployment, 64Mb RAM for database, 105Mb disk storage for the site, an optimized site with good caching. 4 weekly backups, monthly CPU usage shows 0.1 CPU used. Total for the month: $0.22
  • A medium-sized site, single-server deployment, 128Mb RAM for database, 170Mb disk storage for the site, 7 daily backups, 4 weekly backups. Crazy number of plugins, plus WordFence doing automated scans. CPU usage shows 0.9 CPU usage. Total for the month: $1.58
  • WooCommerce site, multi-server deployment, 1gb RAM for database, 800Mb disk storage, 14 daily backups, 4 weekly backups, 4 monthly backups: CPU usage shows 2.5 CPU used. Total for the month: $6.50
  • I’m thinking of charging a 12.5% management fee.

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