Fast WordPress Websites: The Ultimate Guide to WP Hosting Optimization

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Get the most out of your WordPress hosting
  • This book steps through everything you need to know about maximizing the performance of your WordPress website.
  • It is aimed at helping you make your WordPress website faster for your visitors.
  • The book starts out about why you need a fast WordPress website. Then it shows you tools to help analyze your current WordPress performance.

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In the Book, You Will Discover:


Why should you consider the performance of your WordPress site?

A website that was fast enough a few years ago probably isn’t fast enough by today’s standards

Slow WordPress websites will be losing you leads and money.


A server from two years ago might be 30% slower, software from two years ago is likely to be 200% slower!

So if your plan is the same as it was a few years ago, your tech is likely to be aged, which affects your performance.​


You might agree with the fact that Google, and other search engines, send more clicks to faster websites.

Slower websites increase bounce rates.​

A slower website, you might loose your Search Engine Rankings and visitors


You should review your current hosting. Perhaps you have some ideas for upgrading your existing hosting services, such as moving to php7 and php-fpm

You can Check your WP Hosting Performance or contact Virtual CTO

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About the Author: Scott Farrell

I wrote this book for a number of reasons. First of all, fast WordPress websites is a big and complex subject. There is a lot of confusion, mixed messages, and deception out there. I also really love working with WordPress hosting as well as helping customers and agencies.

What People Are Saying

Marisa Lo Certo, Owner / Artilux

Since started hosting our website over a year ago, we have never looked back. We noticed the increased speed in the website immediately and it has been consistently fast. Prior to moving to we were experiencing numerous hacking attempts on a daily basis to our website. The security at has no equal, we have never received a hacking attempt since moving to them. We highly recommend

Peter Nelson

Scott, i had a read and excellent book. I finished it already and have started implementing some things into my current website and clients websites too. I am also using your hosting check plugin which is a great resource to have - thanks. Highly recommend reading Scott's book.

Fast WordPress websites
The Ultimate Guide to WP Hosting Optimization

Get the most out of your WordPress hosting.

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